Justine Damond Murder and Minnesotastan Mosque Bombing Update

So here’s some follow-up newz on the two recent Big Stories outta the Loon ‘n Tick State:

The investigation into Ms. Damond’s death continues according to  Stately McDaniel Manor blog:

Were the officers involved merely incompetent? Incompetent but well-intentioned; trying to be thorough? Or were they corrupt, searching for anything they could possibly use against Damond to assist Officer Noor? It’s possible their motivation was, in part, all three possibilities, but in any case, they found nothing, or nothing they were willing to write on the return to the court. Damond was clean, and there was, predictably, no evidence with any bearing on the case.

It has been my experience that whenever the police conduct a fishing expedition on the home or vehicle of someone they’ve shot, or someone who might otherwise cause them great difficulties, it’s almost always done to try to find something–anything–they could use to harm that person, and to excuse their actions. Is that the case here? Time will tell.


If the investigation provides a case for the prosecution of Officer Noor, much of the information will be withheld from the public as the case progresses. If it does not, the same will probably be true for political reasons; there will be much the politicians involved will reflexively seek to keep under wraps.

It appears that at this time there are no suspects nor has there been an arrest in the Bloomington mosque bombing.

However the Saint Paul Pioneer Press reports there is a silver lining to the affair:

Thanks to more than 2,500 donors, the Dar Al Farooq Islamic Center — which was damaged in a bombing on Aug. 5 — has reached its fundraising goal of $95,000 on GoFundMe.

If you saw something, say something:

the FBI announced a $30,000 reward for information leading to the identification, arrest and conviction of the individual(s) responsible for the bombing.

“The FBI Minneapolis Division remains committed to identifying those responsible for the August 5, 2017 explosion at the Darl Al Farooq Community Center in Bloomington, MN. This effort continues to be Minneapolis’ top priority,” the FBI said in a tweeted statement.

As of today nobody has yet claimed the 30G’s.

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