John McCain & Lindsey Graham: A Tale of Two Cucks

john mccain lindsey graham

John McCain and Miss Lindsey Graham are without a doubt the top power couple in the Senate today.  The two senators have been best of friends for years.  No matter the situation John and Miss Lindsey are always there for each other.  Whether it’s cucking up the senate, screwing over the American people, or pimping themselves out to their Democrat overlords, John McCain & Miss Lindsey have each other’s backsides.

How did this amazing relationship begin?  When did John & Miss Lindsey first lock eyes across the Senate floor?  Were their sparks?  Were said sparks due to the instant attraction the two cucks felt to one another, or just from an overloaded surge protector?  Check out my latest video for the answers to these questions and more:

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Written by Radius

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