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Jeff Flake Opponent Kelli Ward: He and the Establishment are Going to Lose This Battle Against Trump

Kelli Ward issued a warning to the establishment, stop fighting Trump or be destroyed. Mitch McConnell has been telling everyone that getting absolutely nothing done on Trump’s agenda is “the democratic process” while also blocking any and all potential recess appointments by President Trump.

McConnell and the establishment have been fighting against Trump in a shadow war from the outset of the Trump Presidency, and Kelli Ward correctly identifies the endgame of this war.

Fight President Donald Trump and you will see your career in politics destroyed. Which is showing up in poll after poll after poll. McConnell and the rest of the Republican leadership is disastrously underwater in every poll, while President Trump is stable in his own approval polling.

As a microcosm of the national mood concerning the Republican party, nevertrump Senator Jeff Flake seems to be on a bullet train to being Ex Senator Jeff Flake. The senator is making headlines in all the wrong ways… he is losing to challenger Kelli Ward by double digits and is underwater in all categories when compared to President Donald Trump. Yet he persists in his petty, mean girl game against the President.

Kelli Ward said to Fox News: “I definitely think in 2018 we need to elect people who have that America first agenda in mind. People who want to secure the border, who want to stop illegal immigration, who want to repeal Obamacare finally, who want to keep the economy growing, who wants to fix the tax code and want to make sure that our military is the strongest in the world.

Unfortunately, we have a lot of people in Washington, especially in the Senate, who like to talk a lot, but don’t like to collaborate with each other, House to Senate, within the Republican Party to accomplish the agenda that the American people are crying out for.”

Well it seems like Arizona Republicans may be granting her a chance to see that President Trump’s agenda is passed, if the polling continues.


Written by NWC

World class hater of the United States Political Establishment and their globalism fetishes, especially unfettered immigration.

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