“Psycho” Joe and “Dumb as a Rock” Mika go everywhere and do everything together. (Yeah, I was gagging writing that.) Apparently, the thought of Mika being yesterday’s Idiot of the Day without him was too much for Psycho Joe. So, he just had to join her.

To become the Idiot of the Day, Psycho Joe posted the following messages on Twitter.

Does Psycho really have a brain? Or has Dumb Mika sucked it out of him? Or because Psycho Joe and Dumb Mika routinely engage in Fake News, they can only identify with Fake News and the reporters and oulets that provide them jobs.

Congratulations to Psycho Joe for being the



Note: After careful and intense consideration lasting .0032 micro seconds, The Pupu Files has further honored Psycho Joe and Dumb Mika with the new title of Idiot Couple of the Year. They are now enshrined in the Pupu Files “Idiot of the Day” new “Hall of Shame”.

With this new award, Psycho Joe and Dumb Mika are recognized as “Permanent Idiots” and will no longer be eligible for the Idiot of the Day.

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