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How To Win Big In D.C.? Don’t Play Their Game

Playing by “The Rules” Didn’t Win the Election

Dear President Trump – Please Wake the Hell Up! Playing by “The Rules” Didn’t Win the Election for you. The biggest problem during the campaign was leaks. The biggest problem during your first six months has been leaks. Priebus and Spicer being gone is good. Now send their hangers-on out the door. Kelly is a good choice for Chief of Staff – but he sets process not policy. We know you hate to lose – so how to win big in D.C.? Don’t Play Their Game.


First: “Kill” All the Establishment Power Players

You were elected because everyone outside of D.C. knows it’s a massive failure. You have been ill served by Sessions, Priebus, Rosenstein and the other Establishment Power Players inside your administration who talked you into doing things the way the have always been done in D.C.. Every single Establishment Power Player only knows how to play by D.C.’s Rules. Every decision they make is based on years of failure in trying to please the Establishment. The Republicans played the game that way and then the Democrats always played them for fools. Sessions and Rosenstein have been more concerned about how the Establishment feels about them than in your agenda succeeding. Congress treats you with barely concealed contempt and has from the start. Do you really think they’ll come back from their August recess and be any different? It’s time to break with the Republican Establishment.


Second: Keep the Family Out of Policy

Learn from Clinton’s Big Mistake – Americans are sick and tired of the President’s wife/son/daughter/dog is all they need as a shortcut to their being President. Ivanka is smart, tough and lovely – but that’s insufficient reason for her to be President. Jared Kushner may be the smartest young man you know – but that’s insufficient reason for him to be President.

The Second Big Clinton Mistake? Handing Hillary health care reform as On The Job Training and a resume builder. If Ivanka or Jared wants a career in politics – let them go start out lower and work their way up. Although why they would after having seen it up close is beyond me.

Note: Both of them should remain as advisers – their insights on the advice and advisers can be invaluable – but not when they are trying to set policy.


Third: Put a Flash Team on “Firing Robert Mueller” and then Do It

As you have correctly observed, Sessions’ and Rosenstein’s action with regard to the Russian Collusion Hysteria can generously be described as stupid. If they want to remain in their positions, one or both of them should fire Mueller and his entire team tomorrow.

Mueller serves under, not over, them. Attorney General Sessions should take off his self-imposed “handcuffs” with regard to Russia. His eagerness to Play By D.C.’s Rules may be forgivable, but not while he decides which part of his job will be popular with the Establishment and then drops the rest of it.

Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein went on the Sunday talk shows and said Mueller couldn’t go off task without his permission. NEWSFLASH! DAG Rosenstein – he already has and you damn well know it from his staff’s leaks to the Washington Post.

It’s most likely both of the Insiders will say they just can’t fire Mueller – so fire them. As they say on the BBC series Sherlock, “The game is afoot!” and the next step in it is for Mueller to use a Grand Jury to claim malfeasance where it doesn’t exist and make mainstream media’s ratings soar in the fall with the new game of Impeachment. Cut that game off at the knees now.

Note: Appoint someone who isn’t a shrinking violet and will cut Mueller, his staff and all the other weasels in the DoJ off from Mueller’s files as Attorney General.


Fourth: You love the “Snake” poem – it’s time to use it again

It’s time to identify yourself as the person being fooled by the Snake. No doubt that will sting your ego to do so … but it puts your current difficulties and enemies in the correct perspective. It will also kill the “Trump never admits a mistake” meme and Americans forgive people who freely admit their own mistake. Recite the poem with paraphrasing to make clear you picked up some snakes on the way to becoming President but have learned your lesson.

Include in your paraphrasing that both parties in D.C. are filled with snakes and you are going to start calling them out by name this autumn for their betrayal of the American people’s interests. You are going to name names but point out to the voters that it is up to them to deal with the snakes at the ballot box.


Fifth: It’s time to do what the British couldn’t and “Burn D.C. Down”

You’ve had an education in your first six months. More so than when you arrived, you should feel even stronger that looking for an honest person in the Establishment is a mission for an angel perhaps, but not the President.

Director Mulvaney has been doing and excellent job and, by now, knows where the graft and fat have been hidden in the budget for decades by the members of the Establishment for the enrichment of their donors and, thereby, themselves.

The special exemptions forming all the rules, laws and regulations given to members of the House and Senate need to be dragged out into the light of day for the voters to see. It’s time to answer the question of “How Does a Politician Come to D.C. Poor & Leave Rich?” There are dozens and dozens of examples – it’s time to make examples of them.


Last: Anyone telling you an Obama political appointee holdover is OK is lying to you. Fire every last one.

You’ve tried to work with the Establishment but they’ve failed at every turn. Anyone trying to defend any of these people to you should be given a simple task – put together a one page list of the things that person championed which worked well for the American public. Since the twenty four years in D.C. prior to your arrival have been nothing but a collective failure – it’s a sure bet 99% of those people need to be taken out of the Game.

Chief of Staff Kelly is not allowed to protect anyone – he’s process not policy. NSA McMasters and the rest trying to shield these people can either be part of the solution or part of the problem – but they don’t get to keep the people who made the problems.


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