Harvey Continues Pounding Texas, More Flooding and Levee Breaches Reported

Harvey continues to hammer the Texas coast, particularly Houston:

An already-swollen reservoir west of downtown Houston overtopped its spillway Tuesday, sending an “uncontrolled release” of Harvey’s floodwaters into nearby neighborhoods, as a separate levee breach south of the city prompted an urgent warning for residents to leave immediately.

Floodwaters in the the Addicks Reservoir, located about 19 miles west of downtown, went over the top of the 108-foot spillway for the first time in history, threatening immediate surrounding subdivisions.

Jeff Lindner, a meteorologist with the Harris County (Texas) Flood Control District, said it was “something we’ve never seen before” at a morning news conference.

“This is not going to happen fast, this is a slow rise,” Lindner told reporters, adding the flow of water going over the reservoir into neighborhoods will increase as the levels in the reservoir behind continue to rise.

Hours after the Addicks Reservoir was overtopped, officials in Brazoria County, located south of Houston, warned that a levee at Columbia Lakes had been breached by floodwaters and urged any residents who had not already evacuated the area to leave immediately, writing “GET OUT NOW!!


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