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Is Google the Next Mizzou?

Google’s political infighting may cause it to lose its top talent:

Google CEO Sundar Pichai was planning to hold a Google-wide videoconference meeting to discuss the case, to tamp down tensions, and to reassure everyone—then he abruptly canceled it because employees’ questions had been leaked to outside websites and because some left-leaning employees’ identities had been sent to “alt-right” Internet trolls.

This is how an organization gets eaten away by vicious politics. By giving one set of its employees the impression that they can leak to the press to get people who disagree with them fired, Google has apparently inspired another set of its employees to leak information to get the first group harassed. Talk about creating a “hostile work environment.”

This is clearly going to be bad for Google from the perspective of attracting and retaining talent. They could end up like the University of Missouri, which saw its enrollment crash by 35 percent. Minority students went elsewhere because they heard the place was a hotbed of racism—and white students went elsewhere because they feared becoming the victims of false accusations of racism.

After all, who wants to get up every morning and walk into a running political battle?

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