Google in Chaos After Firing of Damore

Following the firing of James Damore for criticizing Google’s diversity policies, the company is now scrambling to appease both the normal employees who just want to do their jobs and the social justice warrior employees who are really excited at the prospect of conducting a thorough political purge, regardless of what it might do to the company’s bottom line:

Google canceled a companywide meeting about diversity just before it was set to begin Thursday, citing safety concerns after right-wing commentators published the names of certain employees.

Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai had scheduled the meeting in the wake of his firing this week of software engineer James Damore, who wrote and distributed a memo that argued biological differences between men and women explain the gender gap among tech workers.

Shortly before the highly anticipated meeting’s scheduled 4 p.m. start in California, Mr. Pichai said in an email to staff that Google decided to cancel after employees expressed concerns “about their safety and worried they may be ‘outed’ publicly for asking a question in the Town Hall.”

Google employees are split over management’s dismissal of Mr. Damore, according to interviews and informal polls of employees.

Some employees say Google executives didn’t go far enough to denounce Mr. Damore’s stance. Others say it is difficult to openly discuss diversity issues at the company because of a liberal bias among managers and colleagues at Google, a unit of Alphabet Inc. And one employee said his managers’ reaction to Mr. Damore’s firing “has made it explicitly clear that any view not left [of] center is not welcome.”

A sampling of some of the most popular questions as of Tuesday, according to employees, reflects the spectrum of views on the memo and its fallout. One question asks how Google will protect female employees who have been harassed online for criticizing the memo. Another asks whether Google lowers the bar for diversity candidates. Some questions complain about how conservatives aren’t welcome at Google. And one asks how Google plans to stop leaks to the press.

A person familiar added that an additional top question was: “What can we do to clarify for the entire company that there is one hiring bar,” regardless of race or gender?

Remember, big business is no longer reliably “capitalist.” Many CEOs are happy to tank their own companies as a bizarre form of upper-class virtue signalling. We saw it last year with Target, ESPN, the NFL, and other companies. We’re seeing it now with Google.


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