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Donald Trump Brings Fire and Fury Down on the Alt-Left

Donald Trump has gotten a lot of flak from the Alt-Left ever since the violence in Charlottesville on Friday and Saturday. Heather Heyer’s body wasn’t even cold before the Left and the media (but I repeat myself) were using her death to beat him senseless.

Today, at an infrastructure press conference at Trump Tower in NYC, Trump fought back.  He fought back hard, and left the media and the Alt-Left screeching in autistic rage:

Oh…my…GAWD.  Yes!

Alt-Left charlottesville win

Trump wasn’t there to talk about Charlottesville and racism, but of course that’s all the media wanted to talk about.  President Trump wanted to talk about his infrastructure plan, and boy was he PISSED.  He tore into the media.  He tore into the Alt-Left.  He grabbed them by the pussy and squeezed as hard as he could.

This wasn’t Political Trump.  This wasn’t President Trump.  This was Fire and Fury Trump.  Old school, 2016 campaign, “get em out and take their coat” Donald Mother-effing Trump, bitch.

That little snippet above is great.  The full press conference is so much better:

You want to know why I voted for Donald Trump?  This is why.  Today’s press conference is the very essence of “Making America Great Again.”  Donald Trump shut down the baying jackals of the Leftist media.  He shut them down hard.

Please, Mr. President, stop!

Alt-Left press conference

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