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Cruz Campaigning Hard in Texas in the Wake of 2016 Presidential Run

The dust has not really settled yet for Ted Cruz after his failed presidential run in 2016. The Texas Senator is obviously concerned about keeping his seat in the face of someone outflanking him to the right and his shaky standing with some of Trump’s base:

Six months before GOP voters decide whether he deserves a second term in the Senate, Ted Cruz is barnstorming Texas this month with appearances planned in more than 20 cities.

They’re official stops — meetings with executives, along with factory and border outpost tours — and not campaign events, but nonetheless indicate the senator is signaling to voters and rivals that he’s serious about keeping his job.

Some say it’s a sign Cruz is taking his busy Democratic challenger, El Paso Rep. Beto O’Rourke, more seriously. But along the way, he’s also sending a clear message to potential primary challengers while shoring up support among a base rattled by President Trump.

Cruz’s team is dubbing the series the “Ted Works for Texas Tour,” with a focus on his congressional agenda, such as rewriting the nation’s tax code, as well as Texas-specific issues, including NAFTA renegotiations and border security.

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