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Breaking : Three Heavily Armed Men Have Opened Fire in Nimes, France *UPDATE: SITUATION RESOLVED*

Here we go Again?

1 UPDATE: No Shooting, Police Are Investigating for a Second Suspect

Looks like there was a false alarm:

Less than half an hour after the initial reports of the incident, police said that the station had been reopened and was operating normally.

Nimes police later confirmed that there was no shooting at the station and officers are checking reports of a second suspect.

Yet another terrorist attack? How many white Nazis have done it this time?


Another report:

Authorities in France have denied the shooting according to Russia Today:

The train station in the French city of Nimes was evacuated late Saturday due to the presence of up to three armed people in the building, local media reported.

Police ordered commuters to rapidly leave the train station at around 21:15 local time, the Midi Libre newspaper reported.

The building currently remains cordoned off by security personnel, the paper added.

The evacuation started after police received information that two or three armed persons were in the building. Initial reports suggested that the men opened fire after they got off a train.

French authorities have now denied the unverified reports of the shooting.