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BOOM: Reports Coming in That Trump is Going to Pull the Plug on DACA

There are reports on the major networks that several government officials are telling them that President Donald Trump is going to end the illegal, executive order created the America hating Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Texas governor Gregg Abbot was going to take the Trump administration to federal court next week to attempt to get this program stricken down as unconstitutional. John Kelly lamented to Congress over the last few months that we needed to pass a bill to enshrine DACA into law, or the Trump administration just won’t be able to defend it (he said with a tiny violin playing and a single tear streaming down his cheek).

Ending the program will not end the visas already granted to the millions of illegal aliens brought here by their parents or who came across as children on their own. But, as the visas expire, the illegal aliens will be deported, as the Trump administration has repeatedly shown it has no problem performing this task.

We are still waiting for official confirmation from the White House on this, but be prepared to hear extreme wailing and gnashing of teeth by the entire left right after this Trump directed Hurricane finishes killing every last minority in Texas because he didn’t stay in the Paris Climate Agreement.

UPDATE: They are ALREADY Screaming About it!

Undocumented Texans? LOL. Illegal aliens are evacuating north and may be rounded up and deported.


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