Book of Trump, Chapter 28

1.The Scythe of Darkness roameth over the land, devouring many . Yea, it was causing much turmoil throughout the Land, for evil was on the move, and many turneth their eyes from it.

2. A Rotund Tyrant blasphemeth against this Land, threatening its people with destruction. Yea, it has the means to cause great death , due to the cucketry of past presidents, and now worketh towards delivery.

3. Yet the media and Left curse at Trump and side with the Tyrant because their soul is void of light. Their hatred hath exposed their contempt of all that is good, and they curseth Trump because he dareth to defend this nation .

4. Verily, verily, I reveal that the Fat, Ronery Tyrant backeth down from Trump, yet the media hideth it. The Ronery One sayeth he will now wait and see concerning launching a missle towards Guam, but he feareth it tippeth over  before he is ready.

5. And Trump fighteth the Dragon economically to reign in the Ronery Fat Man, and getteth unanimous consent from other nations to hold the Korea of the North accountable, and to condemn the Ronery One, but the Dragon still fighteth.

6. So Trump unleasheth a Trade War, and the anguish of the Cuck and Left was palpable. Yea, their crieth out to please their paymasters, who fighteth against jobs for the citizens of this Land.

7. But there are good things that still occureth that the Media refuses to report.  Foxconn doth agree to spend billions  in the land of the Cheesehead, bringing jobs and prosperity to a state Trump taketh from the Bitch.

8. And Trump signeth a decree that alloweth the Vet  to seek out private doctors, so that they do not die while waiting for care at the VA, which McCain loveth.  And the Cuck silences his mouth instead of praising.

9. And the Marketh shooteth upwards, and Main Street gaineth ground, but still suffers from the wrath of the Obama.

10. But yea, Mueller continueth to try to vex Trump and his followers, troubling the waters for the faithful. Yea, he raideth a Manafort who cooperateth to that point.

11. During all this, news cometh forth from the Left and Right that  the DNC  was hacketh not. For both produced evidence that the leak was an inside job, not by the Russians. And the media try to bury the lead as it destroyeth a narrative, but it has traction and hast not died yet.

12. And woe, woe, woe unto the Cuck and Liberal, the Nevertrump and Anarchist, for it truly spoileth Russia.

12. And Trump travelleth to his place in Jersey, to escape the swamp , and work in peace. Yea, no leaks occur, and calm is the area he sleeps.  And continueth to work for the people despite the world against him.

13. Oh Canada! Why dost thou threaten this land? Why dost thou threaten to withdraw? What dost thy land have that we need?  We needeth not Bieber!

14. Yea, thou threatens to leave NAFTA because Trump doeth away with 19, a fraudulent process that allows ye to stomp on this nation. If thou pullest out, how does that harm this Land? Ye are setting thyself up for failure, and it will be magnificent to behold.

15. And Mexico! Ye crieth out that ye sendeth more gangs and murderers to our Land! How dost this help thy plan? Yea, ye feareth ye cannot stand without our largesse!  Ye too have nothing to bargain with, and dependeth on our money, because thy Peso pisseth dust. Ye cannot stand against the Lion, so ye spew threats .

16. Ye offer nothing but death to this land!  Your gangs  and drugs chketh this land. Yea, ye need us more than we needeth you, and it scareth you to death. Take thy wetbacks back to thy bosom! We shall take they remittances too, and kicketh thy balls. Choke in thine own vomit, and frolic in thine own feces.

17. And now, a riot in the Charlottesville occureth, because Antifa bringeth violence to a Constitutional March/ Yea, the police pullet back and forceth the Marchers into Antifa and a fight breaketh out. Yea, one woman loseth her life .

18. And Trump calleth out both sides to rebuke the violence, but the media howleth and the GOP crieth!. Yea Trump sayeth again, pointing out those on the right and bigotry in general  which causeth his own to wail and crieth out that he caveth. 

19, And many were down with the cause, that they were forsaken by Trump.

20. But soon, Trump calleth out the media, and taketh them to task for their fakery. Yea, he layeth into them for their sissiness and challengeth their views. He taketh no prisoners. And the people cheered him on.

21. And the Cuck, the leaders of the GOP scorneth Trump, and sayeth nothing about the violence of Antifa. Yea, not one defendeth the Trump of Truth. They revealeth their face, and it is puss.  They condemneth not those who shot one of their own. They condemneth not those who called for the murder of cops. They condemneth not those who riot and destroy. They condemneth not those who want communism to reign in this country. They revealeth their soul, and it is dank.  

22. I spew thee from my mouth! Yea, I will fight to defeat you all. Your act is hideous, and it crieth against the Constitution of this land. Thine action is why Trump won! I detest thee and will work against thee for this treachery to the Republican Platform and the laws of this land. Ye chooseth a side that wants to destroy you because you are weak, and ye fear the mockings of the mob more than ye love your country.

23. I will stay with thee Trump! I will fight as I can for this Land! I pray that ye bringeth forth pain to our enemies, that ye may triumph in this fight. I pray that thou will take the Cuck to task for their hardheadedness. Bring forth the fight Trump, so we may burn it down and start anew.  Amen.



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