Book of Trump, Chapter 27

1.       Horn, And the Walls of Cuckdom  began to crumble.

2.       For he fireth his Chief of Staff, after the Cucks cuckolded and refuseth to vote to repeal  the millstone  that is Obamacare.

3.       And great was the crash of the Fall, as none leaketh , and the outcry from Cuckville was magnificent to behold. Their tears as mothers milk, their whines as angelic harps.

4.       And the fired did some that advanced the Agenda, but little with leaking and the Repeal long promised.

5.       Many, yea many, wished He Who was Cast Out had never been hired, and great was their joy.

6.       And he goeth to the media, who hopeth he spilleth the beans against Trump, to drive a wedge further between Trump and his people. But yea, the Power of Trump took his tongue, and he gave the media no bread. He speaketh kind words of Trump, and the media sulked in their urine.

7.       Yet Trump was not finished. Nay, he had only begun.  For he consulteth the Book of Armaments, and  sendeth forth Tweets of Destruction towards the Grand Obnoxious Perverts of the government. He calleth them out on their failures. Yea, he calleth them out for not fulfilling their promises to the People.

8.       And the Country moved forward. The Coal People moveth the coal to export at 60% increase.  GDP increaseth  to more than 2.6% despite no help from the Cuck and Liberal.

9.       And more members of the gangs were rounded up, and illegals deporteth to their nation.  The Wall appeareth to come to fruition, and the Dow riseth up higher.

10.   Yet the perfidy aboundeth in the land. For a woman was assaulted by an illegal deported one score times, but was let out by government officials due to the unlawful Sanctuary City laws.  These governments refuseth to hear the cries of her people regularly, and actively worketh against them.

11.   And in Chicago, the murdering soul delights and continues, moving above the previous year of souls condemned to die.

12.   And in Maryland, murders increaseth to highlight the folly of the Democrat. Yet no one careth

13.   And the Ronery Fat Man of Korea rattleth his sword, and China doeth nothing, so Trump Tweeteth out their failure. Buy alas the GOP tieth his hands with a bill restriction sanctions and such, a violating of separation of powers. But the Cucks careth not except for their power and self-preservation.

14.   And Pakistanis ranneth amok among the DNC, stealing information and spying against this nation. Yea, they stealeth from the Democrats, yet the media and Cuck ignoreth it.  The DOJ wandereth in the Wilderness, and doeth nothing for Rule of Law.

15.   But verily verily, I say unto you, that things changeth in the blink of an eye with Trump. For his new COS fireth a loud mouth, that breathed fire against many in the House of Trump for the leaks that were occurring.

16.   And we findeth he fandadgoeth not, and too was let go, following the man he fired himself. He performeth a service for the Land of Trump, but prime-time ready he was not and fell asunder.

17.   And great rumblings cometh from the DOJ concerning the leakers that leaketh with impunity. Again. For there appeareth no effort to reign in the lawlessness than continueth to prick the sides of Trump, and many hope will awaken to fight the beast.

18.   And Putin, the all powerful, sendeth back many from their offices, and great was the astonishment of how many jackasses were present.  And they haveth to thank not Trump for their banishment, but Congress who driveth Putin to act.

19.   And in all this, Trump tweeteth that he had a good day in the White House.

20.   He fighteth on. He dare say to withdraw the exemption of the perfumed pussies in Congress, that they might live according to the laws they passeth on the Serf.

21.   And the Gloater findeth it difficult to keep up, so great is the activity of Trump.

22.   But my hope is in Trump, despite the World against us. Game on, ye bitches.  Game on.


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