Book of Trump, Chapter 26

betrayal book of trump


1.       Oh, that I was a Trump staffer, that I could cry repentance to the Cucks that fight against MAGA, and all other good things for this country. Yea, I would cry out for them to come aboard the Trump Train, to turn their backs to their cuckholdry  and see fit to help rather than hinder

2.       Yea, I wouldst cry out to them to implement  the Trump agenda and test our faith in his wisdom, that we may see with our own eyes  and heareth with our own ears if it will work, or not.

3.       Yea, I crieth out for them  to shake off the chains of Democrat Hell that draggeth them down  to eternal misery, that they may see they fighteth against what is true. 

4.       But I crieth in vain, as the Cucks loveth their lucre more than MAGA. They loveth their masters who maketh them rich and powerful. They loveth their entitlements more than their constituents.

5.       For they seek not peace with Trump. They seek not to join together. But they seeketh out divers ways  to destroy him and his Deplorables.  Yea, they cannot allow him too many victories, or their money masters stoppeth the flow of money to them.  

6.       Behold! In the past, didst not a Turtle speak out saying he wished to crush the Partiers with Tea?  Did he not seeketh to end their movement and power? Didst they not “Cochran” a good man who dared to run against the machine? Didst they not buy democrat votes for 15 bucks? Didst they not call one of their own a racist?

7.       Did not the RNC refuseth money to help elect a republican governor in Virginia?  Did not the Democrat who won allow many felons to vote, enough to ensure a Hillary victory in Virginia? Didst not the RNC fight against one of their own and support Harry Reid?

8.       And because of this, there is much consternation in the Land. There are leakers, rumors of leaks, and rampant unnamed sources that throw bile at America. There are Trump supporters at odds with each other. Yea, they lash out at one another, which bringeth anguish to my soul.

9.       There are those who lyeth to their constituents, who proudly announce they will not vote for a repeal, being the same item they voted for and campaigneth on two years past. Yea verily, they are hypocrites who fight against their oath and Trump.

10.   And further, there are those who proudly claimeth not to support Trump, yet profess to be Republicans.  Yea, they boasteth about it to the media, bringing more woe upon the voters.

11.   Yet one has been smitten with a tumor, and we waiteth to see its course.

12.   There has been much anguish  thrust upon us by those who subscribeth not to MAGA.

13.   Yet Trump quitteth not. He moveth about on troubled waters to support this nation against others.  He doeth, yet others set up stumbling blocks for Trump.  The cucketry  throweth up briars in the path, and lie in wait to pounce, like thieves in the night. 

14.   And the media continueth to lie and tell half-truths, yet the Cucks doeth nothing to fight against it. Yea, they knew that Trump was under no investigation,  yet not one of them telleth the media so.

15.   For a Repeal was floated, yet there are those who canst not allow Trump a victory. Yea, a repeal they whined about for 7 years , yet now it is possible and they stutter on their oaths.  

16.   The follies of the Cucks depresseth the Gloater, as victory is in their hands to smite their foe. But I am wrong in thinking they loveth to smite the Liberal. They loveth to smite MAGA, and bring tribulation to the Land.

17.   Is it not clear the Democrats are suffering? Is it not clear they lack fundraising? Is it not clear they have been hijacked by  Loons of the Left? Is it not clear they are being refuted in special elections? 

18.   But I shitteth you not, the Cucks strive to lose. I shitteth you not they fearest leading and accountability. Trump handeth them the world, and they spit on him.

19.   Now Trump moveth again, and Spicer will be out. He calleth out the Republican who is balking. He calleth out others who are hindering him.

20.   But I trusteth Trump. His ways may differ from my ways, yet he winneth and we cannot spare him. He fighteth, and we too must fight.

 21.   In the Land there was a rumbling once again, as Trump speaketh  against Sessions, for things that pleaseth not Trump, and it continued for three days.

22.   And may felt that Sessions doeth not enough to bring justice to government, and leaveth Trump in the wind. But there were those who felt Sessions is a good man and Trump should handle it differently, that Sessions  worketh hard.


23.   For he did fight against a Gang, and good was that work. He fighteth against Pedophiles and good was the work.


24.   But Trump was not convinced as he suffereth more attacks on him and his family. Yea verily, the media  and Congress looketh to destroy him and his kin.  


25.   And a Healthcare vote loomed, which addeth contention and uncertainness to the Land.



26.   But in the midst of all the cucketry and those who backstabbeth, the Senate, yea, that pit of   vipers, voteth again on that whick repealeth Obamacare, and there was much gnashing of teeth for the masses as they kabuketh over and over, and cry  out, to do the business for the people of the land.


27.   Yea, they faileth to repeal, after promising to do so for seven years.  The Balless wonders voteth on the same bill they passeth  before, and seven voteth against America. They speweth their hatred of America for all to see. They proudly defieth the Deplorables and Trump.

28.   But it was not all: They voteth again on a differing bill, a skinny bill, that placates members of Cuckdom. Yet three spoileth the broth by spitting in it. Three of the same who sayeth nay before.

29.   So the Senate doeth nothing again, to spite Trump and the Deplorables. They puncheth their face, and it stingeth.

30.   And great anguish went over the people of Trump, a darkness they have not felt so harsh before. And there was much anger towards the government for they selleth their souls to the lobbyist, and careth not for the people who sendeth them.

 31.   A day of Reckoning is at hand. Choose who ye shall serve, and chooseth to fight or give up.



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