Antifa Terrorists Turn Things Violent in Berkeley

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Something that obviously got lost in the media’s hysterical attempts to portray Hurricane Harvey as Donald Trump’s Katrina were protests today in Antifa stronghold Berkeley, CA. A handful of Trump supporters were met by hundreds more counter-protesters, as well as the ever-present black-clad thugs of Antifa.

I’d love to be able to tell you everything was peaceful, and the protests went off without a hitch.

That would be a lie, of course.  Antifa turned things violent very quickly.

Antifa and Alt-Left violence against anyone attempting to exercise their God-given right to free speech is swiftly becoming the norm in the cities.  Go against the liberal world-view and be known as a Nazi.  Once that happens anything goes.  Remember, kids, punching Nazis is not only cool, it’s your right as a citizen of the world.  Don’t let the Nazis speak.  Don’t let them gather.  Drive them underground.  Beat them in the streets.  It’s okay, the cops don’t mind, and the government will defend you.

This is going to get worse before it gets better.  Anyone who has expressed the least bit of support for President Trump, or who hasn’t sufficiently condemned him will be a target.

Stay safe.


Written by Radius

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