Antifa Are Attacking Cops in Seattle Right Now, Protesting Nazis or Something

The Antifa groups and other assorted communists and spoiled brat leftists are protesting in Seattle, Washington over the University of Virginia daring to allow a protest by alt-right groups on August 11th-12th over the removal of historical Confederate monuments in states across the southern United States.

Various speakers spouted off their opinions on diversity, giving their personal anecdotes about their experiences with refugees and growing up with immigrants from other countries living nearby.

One speaker made the preposterous claim that an American is not a “Native American” unless they are able to trace their ancestry in America to a time before Europeans first arrived, not realizing that even the “Native Americans” are really just immigrants too. Any educated person, as most of the left likes to call themselves, should have come across the decades old fact that nearly all “Native Americans” came to North America from Asia via a land-bridge during the last ice age.

That the speakers displayed little knowledge of history other than what has been spoon fed them through “Whites Need Not Apply” Colleges is not new nor is surprising.

Combining that with their sudden amnesia concerning their many, many previous violent attacks on those who are committing the crime of WrongThought, these people are becoming incredibly dangerous. It wasn’t that long ago where a democrat-socialist attempted to perform a mass murder of Republican congressmen, which resulted in Congressman Steve Scalise nearly dying.

After they said their peace, they started marching. Thankfully, the Seattle police have stopped them so far, which has enraged the protesters.

Now they have begun attacking the officers, the following video showcases some of what they are doing:

Twitter / Account Suspended

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They’ve begun chanting: “Cops and Klan, hand in hand”

Twitter / Account Suspended

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Just in case anyone has forgotten what they are doing and what they’ve done:

UPDATE: Seattle Police are Deploying Flash Bang Grenades Against the Antifa Thugs

KING 5 News on Twitter

BREAKING Flash bangs and pepper spray deployed in downtown Seattle where opposing rallies fill the streets:

Does anyone else think of this scene when the guy at the end of the video screams “MEDIC!!!”

Starship Troopers medic

Uploaded by Tomas Kapr on 2016-11-03.


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