2018 GOP Opponents of the Top 10 Senate Democrats

Can you say "mandate" kids? I knew you could!

25 Senate Democrats face re-election in 2018, 10 of them represent states won by President Trump in 2016, in some cases by very substantial margins.  All 25 voted “no” on the final Obamacare repeal and replace vote supported by President Trump.

The largest margins of victory amassed by Trump in states these Democrats represent were compiled in West Virginia and North Dakota, where Trump won by 42 and 37 percentage points, respective.

Joe Manchin (D), WV, and Heidi Heitkamp (D), ND clearly ignored the wishes of their constituents by voting to save Obamacare, since the repeal and replacement of Obamacare was a major campaign issue resulting in the election of President Trump.

Who will the GOP put forward to oppose these enemies of President Trump, the American electorate at large, and the voters in their own states?

West Virginia:

Declared GOP candidates:

  • Bo Copley, coal miner
  • Scott Ernst
  • Evan Jenkins, U.S. Representative
  • Patrick Morrissey, Attorney General of West Virginia

Potential GOP candidates:

  • Don Blankenship, former Chairman & CEO of Massey Energy
  • Alex Mooney, U.S.Representative
  • John Raise, businessman and candidate for the Senate in 1984, 2006, 2010, and 2012

Here is the Wiki link that will allow you to review basic bios of these candidates and potential candidates.


North Dakota:

Declared GOP candidates:

  • Tom Campbell, State Senator

Potential GOP candidates:

  • Kelly Armstrong, State Senator and Chair of the North Dakota Republican Party
  • Rick Becker, State Representative and candidate for Governor in 2016
  • Rick Berg, former U.S. Representative and nominee for U.S. Senate in 2012
  • Kevin Cramer, U.S. Representative
  • Kathy Neset, member of the North Dakota State Board of Higher Education
  • Nicole Poolman, State Senator and candidate for Lieutenant Governor in 2016

Obviously, the treason of McCain, Murkowski, and Collins on the final Obamacare votes means that increasing the number of Senators who will vote for the Trump agenda rather than against it is crucially important to moving the Trump agenda forward over the last two years of President Trump’s first term.



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