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Will Blazing Saddles be banned in Nevada?


Woof woof!


Arf arf arf arf!

Grr-ruff!  Grr-ruff!

The Easily Offended People want to ban the screening of Mel Brooks iconic comedy/western Blazing Saddles:

Protests broke out late this week as a group of activists marched in front of Grass Valley’s Del Oro Theater after the establishment announced plans to show a special weekend matinee of Mel Brooks 1974 comedy film Blazing Saddles. The protesters, who object to the use of what they see as racist themes in the iconic film, say that the movie isn’t funny, and promotes unrealistic portrayals of Irish people around the world.

“This is completely inappropriate to make fun of the Irish,” shouted Nevada City community and chemtrail activist Sairhra Ramun out in front of the Del Oro Theater on Mill Street in Grass Valley. “It is simply not funny to make fun of people based on their heritage, skin color or their faith. This has no place in Nevada County. I have spoken with many of my Irish friends, and they do not find this funny in the least.”

On second though Barking Madness might just be plain old Bat Shit Crazy…


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