You’re So Vain…

Greetings Spartans!  So, I’m going to tell you about a man.  You all know him.  Born into a venerable family, he benefited by the patronage of his parents.  His early career in fact, wouldn’t have been possible without it.

When the drums of war sounded, he fought in the service of the United States.

He served with what some called distinction.  But he also was known to have a rather inflated sense of his own worth, often embittering those who served alongside with him.

While fighting in service of the nation, he was gravely wounded.  His injury sidelined him for years.  After his injury, his service to the nation continued but he was dogged by accusations of corruption.

His sense of self-importance grew and he felt he was due a promotion.  But he was denied.  Insulted, he went back to his former form of service and sulked.

He socialized with sympathizers to the opposing side.  Many voiced concerns he was far too close to them and suspicions of where his loyalty might actually lie began to grow.

In public, he railed about infighting among Congress, wanting to work with the other side.  Reach out to them and come to a compromise.

When this was rejected by his compatriots… he betrayed them and began actively colluding with the enemy.

Later, the man who would become President of the United States would publicly rebuke this man, stating in effect that his past actions rendered his service irrelevant.

Stung from this rebuke, this man made his allegiance clear.  He betrayed America and stuck his dagger in its back.

Who was this man?

None other than…

Benedict Arnold

What?  You thought I was talking about the other traitor?


I can certainly see why…

What do you think?

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