What’s Life Like for a Jihadi Bride?

The United Kingdom sticks its' middle finger up to the EU and destroys the certainty of elite control.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at the existence of “Little Britain,” an area in Jarablus, Syria that is apparently called by that name due to all the foreign brides living there:

The couple settled in a guesthouse in the town of Jarablus in Syria, before moving into a house with Ahmed’s brother, Walid, who was also a jihadi fighter, and his wife Salma, who spent much of her time with her sister, Zahra.

Salma and Zahra Halane are better known in Britain as the ‘Terror Twins’ — academically-gifted sisters from Manchester who fled their family home in June 2014, aged just 16, having stolen £840 from their father.

In December 2013, Salma had been caught watching Isis propaganda at their sixth-form college, including images of a suicide vest and a boy with a machine-gun.

On the outside, though, they were ordinary teenagers. With 28 GCSEs between them, they had dreamed of becoming doctors, before being brainwashed online.

The twins flew from Manchester to Turkey, where they posed with other runaways as a family on holiday, and later crossed the Syrian border. On arrival, one of them declared: ‘I am 16 years old and among the warriors of Isis.’

To Mitat, though, they were strangers. ‘Then I realised these are the famous people — they are on the news,’ she said.

Salma and Zahra taught Mitat — who had now been forced by Ahmed to abandon her modern clothes and wear a black polyester face veil — to speak English and helped her settle in.

Mitat recalls how their mother, Somali-born Khadra Jama, came to the house in November 2014 to try to convince her daughters to return. She was arrested by Isis, who locked her in prison for 40 days, before sending her home.


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