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Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #43

As an alert, this week’s thread might be a little sparse. I was extremely busy with work this week, hosting a husband/wife team of indie developers who are making an trip across the country from Wisconsin to California and back again, promoting their upcoming coin-op arcade game Cosmotrons to the public. My business was one of fifteen locations that is hosting them on the tour; they are in Idaho as I write this on Friday where they were then going to head up to Tacoma, WA then down to Portland, OR and onto the California Extreme event in Santa Clara, CA. If you’re into gaming at all and are near California Extreme next week, you’ll want to make some time to go and check the collection of 400+ arcade and pinball games that will be on-hand to play. That includes a variety of rarities such as one-off never-released prototypes or games that had low production numbers.

On top of that, I spent the weekend in camping in the Utah wilderness 😉

What Are We Playing This Week?

Despite my busy week, I managed to play some more Implosion on the Switch, a little bit of Hyrule Warriors with the daughter, some quick rounds on God Eater 2 Rage Burst with friends and of course plenty of time on the aforementioned Cosmotrons arcade game.

How about you?

Gaming Headlines

Sega World Drivers Championship Arcade Testing In Japan This Week

Chase Tech – A Cancelled Vehicular Battle Game For PS3/XB360

If You Need Your Pikmin Fix, Get A 3DS

Nazi Zombies mode Coming Back To CoD

Teaser For Upcoming Warframe update, Chains Of Harrow (PC/PS4) – It’s Zombie-riffic

From The Creators Of Hammerwatch Comes Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour


Yarn Link With A Twist – My aunt posted this to Facebook this week after finishing it for one of her grandsons and I’ve felt compelled to share. Now on it’s face this may not seem like much in a world where we see people craft all sorts of video game items. You also might ask why not post everything crafty that someone does that’s Nintendo related. Good question. The reason why this is impressive to me is that my aunt is blind from birth. I’ve always seen her create amazing things despite not being able to see her own work and doing it by herself without having someone there to constantly correct her if a mistake is made. With that, I’m happy to highlight her talent (I also tagged the image):

Splatoon 2 Is Available Now (Switch) – If you have been playing Splatoon 2 this weekend, what do you think about it?

New Trailer For The Hobbit Pinball – This game has been out for a while now so not entirely sure why they are doing this promo trailer now but it can’t hurt to market the game and remind people that it is out there:

New Nintendo 2DS XL Trailer – Nintendo not quitting their #DS line anytime soon

Technology Headlines

Elon Musk Claims That A Hyperloop Tunnel Trip Between NY-DC Will Only Take 29 Minutes

China Wants To Be The “AI World Leader” by 2030 – Leading by theft of course, it’s the Communist way!

Now Lyft Goes For Self-Driving Cars

Memo: Who’s Up For Being Implanted With An RFID Chip?

China Getting Hype For Nuclear Power


New Security Locker Tech – Our locker technology is light-years ahead of the competition!

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