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Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #42 – Life, The Universe And Everything Edition

What Are You Playing This Week?

I unexpectedly got a lot of gaming time in, mostly because my daughter was in the mood to play Hyrule Warriors (WiiU) but she only likes to play it when I join her. So I’ve been back to leveling up characters that aren’t quite at level 255 yet. I also began playing God Eater 2 Rage Burst (PC) with some friends although it is the kind of game that I probably wouldn’t be playing if it wasn’t for that peer pressure as there’s a lot of terminology & customization to remember. Not that I’m adverse to learning such things, I just hate when I get sidetracked (as I always do) then I end up forgetting certain aspects of how to play when I get back to the game at a later date.

I also have been playing more Implosion on the Switch…it’s a fun game and would recommend it. That reminds me though that I need to get the DLC for Zelda: BOTW so I can get my play hours on that one past 200.

How about you?

Gaming Headlines

Jeff Minter’s Latest Psycedelic Game Polybius Stars In New NIN Music Video

Not Even A Price Cut Can Save The Oculus Rift – Granted, VR in general has other issues that will keep it from being the ‘next Smartphone’.

Speaking Of VR Content, If I Was Going To Do An Escape Room, The Real Thing Seems More Enticing Than A VR One.

Perhaps Mahvel is All VR Needs…

Puyo Puyo Tetris Getting A Patch In August That Will Penalize Rage-Quitters

Total Warhammer II: High Elves Gameplay (PC)

Retro City Rampage Style Game Shakedown: Hawaii Trailer (Switch/3DS versions)

Samurai Showdown V Special Coming To The PS4/Vita – <bemusedchuckle> that anyone is still wasting time on the Vita

Splatoon 2 Salmon Run Gameplay (Switch)

Final Fantasy XII Remaster Grabs #1 Spot In The UK For PS4

Flash Carts Killing Your Old Hardware? – This happened to my Atari 7800 Cuttle Cart. It didn’t damage the console but the cart was irrepairably fried after six months.

Well That Excuse Didn’t Hold Up To Scrutiny

Moar SJW “Diversity” Coming To The Last Of Us: Part 2 (NSFW ads in post) – If there was one game that was totally exagerrated as to it’s worth, it was The Last Of Us.


EDF! EDF! EDF! – Somehow, I completely missed that a brand new Earth Defense Force, EDF 5, was scheduled to release this Summer. My son found out about it and freaked – EDF 2017 was one of the first video games that him and I played together. He loved the bugs and blasting them and he’s been a fan ever since. As such, he is quite excited about this upcoming entry, which introduced various new enemies as well as the Ravager aliens themselves. I just wonder how on earth all of these sprawling cityscapes are still standing after all of these interstellar invasions…

The developers are having a bit of fun with the trailers, showing that they aren’t taking themselves too seriously; this is slated for a release on PC/PS4 soon:

EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 5 3rdPV:A close-up look at the EDF base!

Humanity, rise up and oppose your fate! In 2013, 7 years after EARTH DEFENSE FORCES 3, the long-awaited sequel EARTH DEFENSE FORCES 4 arrived on the scene bringing the ultimate in despair and exhilaration.

Ataribox Console Design Unveiled – I wrote about the Ataribox a few weeks ago and my thoughts on the current form of Atari trying out hardware once again. Today, they revealed what the console will look like, pulling from the classic Atari VCS 2600 design and rounding out all of the edges. I’m seeing numerous complaints about it but at least it isn’t just a rectangle box with a Fuji logo on it (you could do far worse). There are two models, one with wood grain and the other with a bright orange/red; it will have 4 USB ports, an ethernet port and Bluetooth. Still no word on what games this will play or a release date although if they are revealing the design right now, my bet is that this will be available this holiday season, just in time for more people to go crazier over the Switch, shrug at the XBX and wonder what this is trying to accomplish.

UPDATE: Ouya status confirmed – I just heard in the community that Atari is going to seek crowdfunding for this. It’s not surprising as again, Atari in its present form has little money to get games fully completed and published, much less go all out on a new hardware platform.


How To Play Fire Pro Wrestling World – Back in the 80s and early 90s I remember wrestling games being a big thing but either I wasn’t any good at the ones I played or I only played the broken ones. Well, excepting Hybrid Heaven although that isn’t exactly in the same class as the 2D wrestling games I’m thinking about. If you’re into that former style of game, an Early Access version of the Fire Pro Wrestling reboot is now available on Steam. In case you’re like me and not exactly adept at these kinds of games, here’s part one of a tutorial on how to play the game:

Fire Pro Wrestling World – How to actually PLAY the game Pt. 1

A lot of people are new to this series, and a lot of vets out there wanting to know a main thing in regards to this game: HOW THE HECK DO YOU ACTUALLY PLAY? Well, hopefully this tutorial video puts you on the path to greatness and whipping some serious ass!

Sundered Launches On July 28th (PC/PS4) – If action/adventure platforming, hackin’ ‘n slashin’ and hand drawn 2D art is your thing then Sundered is probably right up your alley. This one is by the creators of Jotun (free version available on Steam) which shares some similarities:

Sundered Launch Trailer – Resist Or Embrace

Sundered is out NOW on PC/Mac/Linux and PS4! Sundered is a horrifying fight for survival and sanity, a hand-drawn epic from the creators of Jotun. Learn more:

Toy Story Comes To Kingdom Hearts III (PS4/XB1) – Square Enix is working hard on the next installment of Kingdom Hearts although as you might know, release dates for SE games are elusive things. Here is the latest trailer for the 2018 release which shows the addition of Toy Story to the mix:


2017年7月15日(現地時間)、アナハイムで行われた「D23 EXPO 2017」にて公開された 『KINGDOM HEARTS III』の最新トレーラーです!

Mega Maker: The Unauthorized Way To Make Your Own MegaMan Levels – I will not be surprised if this is removed by Capcom by the time this post is published but in the event that it isn’t, check out Mega Maker.

Mega Man Maker – Create your own Mega Man levels! – Official trailer

Official website and download: Join the official Discord: Join the forums: Follow us on Twitter: Mega Maker is a new and accessible way to create and share your own Mega Man levels. From full-length Robot Master stages to puzzle levels, anything goes!

Technology Headlines

The Post Office Gives Amazon A Subsidy For Each Of Their Packages – If they’re a big business these days, they’re getting taxpayer cheese somehow </hurraytruefascism>

That Time When An Atari 800XL & Atari ST Computer Were Used To Operate Fireworks Shows

Computers From Apollo & Pioneer-Era NASA Found In A Philly Basement

Viking Memory Begins Shipping 50TB SSDs – And it only costs about $18k

Perhaps The Borg Started Off As Dragonflies…

Rifftrax App Syncs Commentary With The Films

New Dating App Matches People By The Things They Mutually Hate


Dell Ships Their First Laptop That Charges Wirelessly – The design is reminiscent of the Microsoft Surface, with a detachable keyboard and all that. Apart from some of the other innovations they’ve engineered into this unit, Dell has reason to be happy about their other laptop sales.

Freedom from Wires: The wireless-charging Dell Latitude 7000

Dell is unveiling more details on a new lineup of Latitude 2-in-1s designed to give businesses a “PC first, tablet second” mobile device experience without compromising on design, performance or security. The Windows-based 2-in-1 category is thriving as companies abandon tablets in the office and place more value on the productivity and flexibility offered by 2-in-1 PCs.

High-Tech Fishing With The PowerRay Drone – If you really want to up your fishing game then the PowerRay drone is for you. With 4k HD cameras, streaming from the drone to your device, remote bait dropping, temperature/depth/landscape and more, I won’t be surprised when some areas ban the tech since it would make it too easy. If you aren’t fishing and just want to explore under-the-water then it works for that too:

PowerRay™ – Change the fishing world

We are proud to announce PowerRay™ – a ground-breaking invention that revolutionizes the way of fishing! It combines virtual reality and advanced fish finding technology to bring your fishing experience to another level. Visit our website: to learn more details on this new product.

The Auto-Vox M6 Touchscreen Dash Cam – I have never really looked into dash cams but after stumbling across this one, it looks like it has all of the features you would want in such a device. The display seems a little small for covering your whole rear view mirror but I suppose you only need to have a quick glance at what is behind you most of the time anyways:

Guns_and_Gadgets’s video – Auto-Vox M6 Touch Screen Dash Cam | Vidme

Vidme – the world’s most creator-friendly video platform

Sgnl – The Fingertip Phone – New tech that lets you become a little more like Inspector Gadget:

Sgnl Overview- Make Phone Calls with Your Fingertip, literally.

Sgnl is the smart strap that lets you take calls simply by placing your finger to your ear. Find out more at Sgnl Indiegogo Campaign : What Sgnl does.. – Sends sound through your body – Catches your voice via embedded MIC – Track your step, keep you in fit!

Space Pr0n Of The Week: Storm Chasing On Jupiter – It is hard to be more famous in the genre of extra-terrestial weather phenomeon than Jupiter’s Great Red Spot. The feature has been visible since the planet was first seen through a telescope and when you see a photo of Jupiter, you expect to see the Spot. This past week was the closest that a human camera has come to the storm, with NASA’s Juno flying less than 10,000km above the region. Growing up I always heard that it was the size of “three Earth’s” next to each other but it has been shrinking; presently the storm at its widest is the diameter of 1.3 Earth’s:

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