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Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #41 – Blackmail Free Edition

Welcome to another week of fun, starting it off with some gaming and technology news. We promise not to reveal your identity to the world as long as you read this thread and promise to do so through the infinite future!

What Are You Playing This Week?

I took a gamble on something that I saw on the Nintendo eShop, a “sci-fi hack-n-slash” game called Implosion. So far, the gamble has paid off as I’ve been enjoying it. I was a little leery at first as the game was a port of a mobile game that launched on iOS/Android this past March but the use of thumbstick/button controls is always a plus in my book over most touchscreen input schemes. This game has levelling and ‘perks’ although it kind of just rushes through all that and you figure it out as you play. It is also not watered down, having a nice difficulty curve to it.

Apart from that I played some Puyo Puyo Tetris (and raged as the analog stick messed up some Tetrimino placement…how I wish JoyCons had a proper D-pad). How about you?

Gaming Headlines

Speaking of hack-n-slash, Hidden Dragon: Legend Announced For PS4

Now Platinum Games Teases The Wonderful 101 for the Switch

Rastlin’ game WWE 2k18 Announced For Switch – Replacing 0’s with K’s is what cool kids do these days </getoffmylawn>

Questions Answered About Sega Forever

New Trailer For Shadow Of Mordor

Failed MMO Firefall Closes To Focus On A New Mobile Version

Trailer for Kirby’s Blowout Blast (3DS)

Rebellion Announces Evil Genius 2 – allrightythen.gif

New Update & DLC Released For Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4)

Playstation Now Brings PS4 Titles To Your PC – The PC Master Race laughs at your “exclusive” terminology

When VR Gaming Brings THE PAIN (literally)

Atari Shows Two Possible Atari Boxes – This is almost feeling like a scam eBay auction where the buyer sends you an empty box 😛

How Long Can A GTX 1080Ti Last At 4k 60FPS Without Fans?

New ARMS Character Max Brass Showcase (Switch)

Monster Boy & The Cursed Kingdom Demo To Be Shown At Gamescom

Today’s post is brought to you by watching your language – or at least how you translate language in games:


Splatoon 2 Direct – Splatoon 2 launches on the Switch on July 21st. As a part of the hype, Nintendo held a special Nintendo direct, just for you…er, just for Splatoon 2. Also for those interested, we already have a Splatoon 1 (WiiU) Vs. Splatoon 2 (Switch) graphics comparison. Someone asked me if SP2 is coming to the U…nope, just the Switch.

Warframe Going Open World With The Plains Of Eidolon Update – I played WF for a little while after it first launched but farming item games require much more time than I can dedicate to them so I became sidetracked with other things. I might have to fire it up again and give it a spin once this new update is out:

New Footage For Ready Or Not, An Upcoming Tactical Shooter (PC) – I was reading a lamentation elsewhere on the internet about the lack of tactical shooters these days so if such a game is up your alley, check this out. With the vague “2018” release date it has a way to go but I would call it promising so far


Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 Trailer – I don’t know how popular ‘Story Mode’ is for Minecraft as I haven’t heard my kids ever mention it but if that’s your thing, Season 2 has launched:

Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out Re-Imagined By Studio C – Mostly funny, excepting the lazy joke about ‘racial stereotypes’:

Homebrew of the Week – Witch ‘Em Up (PC) – As indie devs have run the course through the many variations of ‘pixel art’ graphics, we’re starting to find more games using art styles of a little more obscure graphics modes. I remember playing quiet a few games in CGA mode, with its bright magenta & cyan or lime & yellow color schemes. One of my favorites that I can still pick up and play is Sopwith; also, the first time I came across Alley Cat was the ok IBM PC version (Atari 8-bit Alley Cat FTW). Anyways, this new homebrew game for the PC focuses on CGA style graphics. It has some great music too. You can download it here.

Technology Headlines

Qualcomm Not Taking Apple’s Attacks Laying Down

Microsoft Just Can’t Quit H-1B VISAs

Microsoft Plans To Cut Thousands Of Jobs Outside Of The US

John McAfee Settles With Intel Over Commercial Use Of His Name

New Raspberry Pi Competitor, the Rock 64

Facebook Begins Dabbling With Housing – The beginning of Zuckerville

MIT Announces Breakthrough In Creation Of 3D Microchips

One Federal Wiretap Order = 3.29 million Spied On Phone Calls – Sure was nice when we used to have a 4th Amendment protection to privacy, wasn’t it?

Photobucket Quietly Changes TOS To Add A Mere $400 Charge For Cross-site Service

It’s So Awesome It Just Needs A Gubmint Subsidy For Success – I’ll believe the power generation claims of these vertical wind turbines when I see it


Looking For A Brand New Model F Keyboard?Then check out this website. The Model F was the a class of QWERTY keyboards that shipped with IBM PCs in the 80s, known for their distinct ‘clack’ and heft. An enthusiast has taken upon himself to produce new versions of these old devices and has already received more than 270,000 pre-orders.

Could WebAssembly Replace JavaScript For Web Development? – I hadn’t heard of WebAssembly before seeing this video pop-up, it is a lecture/presentation of what WebAssembly is and how it has the potential to disrupt web development. This talks a bit about computer languages to help get to what WebAssembly is. Firefox already supports it, other browsers will soon. Skip to 7m in where he begins to get to how WebAssembly started to come around.

The 4000o Thermite Match – It would have been better to post this last week for the 4th but I missed it so better late than never.

Space Pr0n of the Week: NGC 1512 – Here’s a spiral galaxy that has a “nuclear ring” of bright blue star formation along the edges.  This is likely caused by a galactic collision in the regions past. Image captured by the Hubble

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