Washington Post Tries to Blame Scalise Shooting on “Right Wing Talk Radio”

After a brief flirtation with sanity in the third week of June, perhaps brought on by a combination of the Scalise shooting and the Ossoff defeat in Georgia, some Democrat media outlets began publishing articles calling for the party to step back from the conspiracy theories about Russia, stop talking about impeachment, and cool down the shrill and hysterical rhetoric which had been coming from the party since November.

That flirtation with sanity now appears to be over as whatever moderate voices who spoke up were quickly quashed, as demonstration by this animal dropping from the WaPo:

Washington Post is taking criticism from conservative corners after supposedly drawing a connection between a controversial radio host and the man who hospitalized Steve Scalise before the Congressional Baseball Game.

On Saturday, WaPo ran a piece titled “In Alexandria shooter’s hometown, rage-filled radio host channels middle America’s inner frustration.” The profile focused on Bob Romanik, a right-leaning shock jock from Belleville, Illinois, which just so happens to be the former hometown of James Hodgkinson.

After Hodgkinson’s attack, evidence came out about his far-leftpolitical views and his hatred for President Trump and Republicans. This being the case, some people were not happy with what WaPo insinuated in their headline.

WaPo, of course, is trying both justify and excuse the shooting by blaming the victims, which is a recipe for encouraging more violence. This isn’t going to stop until the Democrats are totally wiped out electorally. We must win in 2018 and hopefully put that rotten party on the mat for good. Otherwise, this is going to go on and on.


Written by Doomberg

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