Trump, Pence Appear to Be Behind “Clean Repeal” Push

Axios is a sort of spiritual successor to Politico, a political “gossip sheet” intended for Washingtonians and politics junkies. Only a few minutes after the story about McConnell’s push for a clean repeal hit the wires, Axios (though clearly unhappy at the prospect of full repeal) seems to indicate the push for a “clean” repeal is coming right from President Trump:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell bowed to pressure tonight from conservatives — and President Trump — to bring up a straight repeal of most of the Affordable Care Act as the next step now that the Senate health care bill appears to be dead. It will be based on the repeal bill Congress passed in 2015, which then-President Barack Obama vetoed.

Reality check: It’s highly unlikely to succeed, but conservative groups won’t consider the GOP’s health care promises to be fulfilled until Republicans have at least tried a straight repeal vote. It will put enormous pressure on the moderates, who are sure to have reservations. But as conservatives will remind them, most of them already voted for straight repeal in 2015 — and it will be hard to explain why they wouldn’t do it again.

  • GOP scrambling for a path forward with Trump pushing repeal but some Republicans relieved it failed. Read more here

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