UPDATE: THE NARRATIVE is now “gun control” — Somali Cop shooting in Minneapolis Follow Up

Before we get going I gotta set this up: this is a Commentary post, as opposed to a News post.

I want to try and give a Big Picture View regarding the shooting of Justine Damond by Officer Mohamed Noor to give this event some context.

My Big Picture has four components: The Event/Report Context, the Political Context, the Social/Culture Context and the Personal Loss Context.

Sparta Report is a political/cultural blog that also serves as a news aggregator. That’s what the vast majority of readers come here to get, so that is where I am going to spend most of this post.

That said, let’s begin with the Personal Loss Context:

By most news accounts Justine Damond was a lovely, vibrant woman with a loving soon-to-be blended family. I think I can speak for all of Sparta when I say our hearts go out to all that are grieving her loss and that the Spartan Community sends all manner of good thoughts, prayers and wishes for peace and comfort to them.

Next, a little Social/Cultural Context for those readers unfamiliar with Minneapolis and the neighborhood where the shooting occurred.

Fulton neighborhood is a CITY neighborhood, but not an INNER CITY neighborhood. According to Fulton resident Mike Benz:

“I’ve lived here seven years and I’ve never seen a police car in this neighborhood,” said Mike Benz, who lives three blocks away from the Damonds’ home and who was out walking his dog.

It’s a nice neighborhood, he said, albeit one that’s “embarrassingly white” and “embarrassingly upper-middle class.” The shooting, Benz said, was “terrible.”

Geographically Fulton is in the southwest corner of Minneapolis and is as close to being a “suburban enclave” within the city proper as it gets. It borders the tony nouveau riche suburb of Edina (Ee-dine-uh).

As Mr. Benz says, the area is populated overwhelmingly by upscale white professionals. It is not a “high crime” area of the city. It is not infested with gangs or dope fiends, which makes the event more curious as it is an unlikely venue for an ambush of a police squad by such low-life types.

UPDATE: The Narrative switches from primary default RACE to secondary default GUN CONTROL.

Powerline blog’s John Hinderacker:

newspapers are forgoing any race angle. In fact, the Washington Post published a long article on the shooting that doesn’t identify the police officer or mention the fact that he is a Somali. Instead, the Post focuses on the fact that a gun was involved, headlining: “‘AMERICAN NIGHTMARE’: Australians react to fatal police shooting in ‘very risky’ United States.” With race out of the picture, it’s all about gun control

Moving to the Political Context Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges is the former city council representative for the ward which includes Fulton.

This area and it’s residents form her political base as she stands for re-election this coming fall.

The election season is shaping up as brutal.  The DFL voted “no endorsement” at it’s recent convention and Hodges, a SJW who reviles President Trump and promotes Minneapolis as a “sanctuary city”,  is being challenged by contenders from the left, the further left and the even more batshit crazy left.

The fallout from the shooting of Ms. Damond will probably benefit the even more batshit crazy left the most politically.

Hodges handling of the shooting thus far has been pathetically politically self-serving.

Black Lives Matter and Minneapolis NAACP spokesfolks have given interviews about the shooting “on site” and believe there is political hay to be harvested given that Ms. Damond’s death occurred while the Philando Castile affair is still fresh in the public’s mind.

Finally the Event/Report Context remains murky.

According to the St. Paul Pioneer Press report:

Authorities released no details about what led up to the shooting of Justine Maia Damond, 40, whose fiancé said she had called 911 to report what she believed was a sexual assault in an alley near her home.

The Hennepin County medical examiner’s office reported Monday that Damond died of a gunshot wound to the abdomen.

Police said officers were responding to a call about a possible assault late Saturday when she was killed. There were no known witnesses other than the two officers in the squad car that showed up.

In the 8-9 am segment of this morning’s Twin Cities newstalk radio show Justice and Drew one of the hosts made mention that there were several unconfirmed reports of “multiple” shots being fired in the incident. The host referred to KSTP 5 and the St. Paul Pioneer Press as being the sources of those speculative reports.

Most news reports of the incident conclude that the fatal shot was fired across the front of the other officer and exited through the driver side door of the squad car.

KARE 11 news reported that Officer Noor has retained an attorney and that he has not yet been questioned by investigators in regard to the incident.

The flow of information about the shooting is being tightly controlled by city officials, the police, Hennepin County and the state BCA investigators.

911 dispatch audio here.  Two things: the EMT responders were probably from the nearest fire station which is about 2-3 blocks from the site of the shooting; it sounds like the EMT’s heard the “shots” (plural) at the station house and thought they were fireworks.

UPDATE: Twin Cities TV news reporting Officer Noor reached across in front of his partner and shot Ms. Damond through the window of the squad car.

This is obviously a fluid story and updates will be posted if relevant new information is forthcoming.

Sparta Reports initial post on this story is linked here.


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