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Photos of The Scene of the Justine Damond Murder

Regular readers of Sparta Report are aware that Yours Truly comprises The Resistance to The Resistance on the ground in the City of Lakes.

Given the shooting of Aussie immigrant Justine Damond by Somali cop Mohamed Noor occurred in the wee hours of the evening of July 8, I was thoroughly flummoxed by Mainstream Press reports declaring the incident happening in a  “virtually unlit alleyway” in Minneapolis. (Hat Tip to cementer Ms. Contrarian Scientist)

The neighborhood where the shooting occurred is called Fulton. It is an upscale, low crime area, probably one of the sleepiest, safest neighborhoods in the entire city and borders Lake Harriet, which is locally known as a “family friendly” lake as opposed to several other southside city lakes with reputations for party-hearty and rowdy crowds.

Given what I know about the area and with the sense that the “dark, dark alleyway” report just did not ring true, I ventured across town to survey the site with my own eyes.

An sure enough, the shooting did not take place in a skanky, dim-lit back drive, but occurred under a high illumination streetlight where the alley connects to 51st Street of the block bordered by Xerxes Avenue on the west and Washburn Avenue on the east.

As you can see below, the claim of “poorly lit” is bogus on it’s face:

According to the news reports of the incident, the front end of the squad car was at the end of alleyway facing 51st and Ms. Damond approached the vehicle from the driveway of the yellow garage:

An recent MPR report stated that according to the BCA statement the officers heard the sound of a “slap” on the side of the driver’s side of vehicle in the moment that led up to Noor discharging his weapon across the front of his partner and into the abdomen of the pajama-clad Damond.

It is presently unknown if the “slap” was indeed the sound of Ms. Damond trying to get the attention of the officers by tapping the side of the squad car.

Regardless of the sound, there was ample overhead illumination at the scene for the officers to clearly see Ms. Damond.

Coincidentally, since Noor’s initial statement that he was “startled” by Damond before opening fire the following warning signs to the citizenry have started to appear in the Twin Cities:

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