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Rand Paul: The Senate GOP is Going to Keep Obamacare

Rand Paul hits it out of the park. This “repeal” farce has run its course. This bill should be entitled, “Free Ammo for Insane Liberal Democrats” or FAILeD for short.

I miss the old days, when Republicans stood for repealing Obamacare. Republicans across the country and every member of my caucus campaigned on repeal – often declaring they would tear out Obamacare “root and branch!”
What happened?

Yeah, we’d all like to know too.

Oh I remember! Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan refuse to pass any legislation actually ripping it out of the ground “root and branch!” because President Trump would sign it.

Paul goes on:

Now too many Republicans are falling all over themselves to stuff hundreds of billions of taxpayers’ dollars into a bill that doesn’t repeal Obamacare and feeds Big Insurance a huge bailout.

Obamacare regulations? Still here. Taxes? Many still in place, totaling hundreds of billions of dollars.

And with the beauty of reconciliation, all of the taxes are still there, but more on that later. Rand Paul continues:

Insurance company bailouts? Those, too. Remember when Republicans complained about Obamacare’s risk corridors?

Remember when we called the corridors nothing more than insurance company bailouts? I remember when one prominent GOP candidate during a presidential debate explicitly called out the Obamacare risk corridors as a bailout to insurance companies. Does anyone else?

Oh yes, just to refresh the memories of those reading this, remember just this last year when everyone seal clapped furiously to Marco Rubio’s vicious attacks on the risk corridors?

“When they passed Obamacare, they put a bailout fund in Obamacare,” Rubio said while addressing frontrunner Donald Trump on Feb. 25, 2016. “All these lobbyists you keep talking about, they put a bailout fund in the law that would allow public money to be used, taxpayer money, to bail out companies when they lost money. We led the effort and wiped out that bailout fund.”

And now the Senate GOP is planning on replacing that bailout fund. What is the point of the GOP again? This is Democrat legislation, we might as well just give the House and Senate to the Democrats until we replace the entire elected base of the Republican party if we are just going to get Democrat legislation from them.

Now, the Senate GOP plan being put forward is chock full of insurance bailout money – to the tune of nearly $200 billion. Republicans, present company excluded, now support the idea of lowering your insurance premium by giving a subsidy to the insurance company.

Remarkable. If the GOP now supports an insurance stabilization fund to lower insurance prices, maybe they now support a New Car stabilization fund to lower the price of cars. Or maybe the GOP would support an iPhone stabilization fund to lower the price of phones.

The possibilities are limitless once you accept that the federal government should subsidize prices. I remember when Republicans favored the free choice of the marketplace.

Exactly right, the Republicans are now for subsidizing the cost of goods and services.

When the Republican party was running last year as TruCons to the “New York Liberal” Trump, was anyone expecting them to warp 9 shift back into their usual liberal proclivities after such a display?

The Senate Obamacare bill does not repeal Obamacare. I want to repeat that so everyone realizes why I’ll vote “no” as it stands now:

The Senate Obamacare bill does not repeal Obamacare. Not even close.

In fact, the Senate GOP bill codifies and likely expands many aspects of Obamacare.

The Senate Obamacare-lite bill codifies a federal entitlement to insurance. With the Senate GOP bill, Republicans, for the first time, will signal that they favor a key aspect of Obamacare – federal taxpayer funding of private insurance purchases.

The bill will transfer billions of dollars to people who will then transfer billions of dollars to insurance companies. What a great business model – encourage the federal government to use taxpayer money to buy a private company’s product. Great business model, that is, if you are Big Insurance. Remarkable.

The Senate Obamacare-lite bill does what the Democrats forgot to do – appropriate billions for Obamacare’s cost-sharing reductions, aka subsidies. Really? Republicans are going to fund Obamacare subsidies that the Democrats forgot to fund?

Great article on the fatal flaws of the FAIL-D bill. There are others he hasn’t mentioned that should bring serious concerns to anyone seriously thinking about voting for either of these two bills (House or Senate version).

The biggest consequence, when Republicans pass a bill “repealing” Obamacare in name only, is that they now own all of Obamacare, including its horrible effects on the medical industry and insurance.

When people have to watch Congress bail out these big insurance companies over and over again while they are still getting rate increases in their medical insurance plans, who are they going to blame?

Democrats “fought” to prevent this (they’ll say) and the Republicans will have nothing other than: “WE DIDN’T HAVE THE VOTES FOR FULL REPEAL SO YOU ARE JUST GOING TO HAVE TO MAKE DO, WE TRIED,” who is going to have the better argument?

Especially after they nuked the filibuster to get a Supreme Court nominee through but couldn’t get a simple bill repealed. The American people, rightfully so, will look at the excuses these ignoramus Republicans make and scoff at the sheer incompetence.

The next problem, the “zeroing out the taxes,” is not going to work. They are not repealing them, and no matter how many people vociferously say they are, these taxes are not being repealed. And here’s why:

Reconciliation allows for the application of the Byrd Rule, which allows for any Senator to bring up a “point of order” against provisions in any reconciliation bill that they deem “extraneous” or will cause a raising of the debt.

Who thinks that when the bill is brought before the full Senate that the Democrats will remain silent?

What the Democrats are going to do is bring forth objection after objection for every single tax repeal and every single provision inside the “repeal” that is not a repeal bill and force the Republicans to find 60 votes to overrule them.

What the Republicans will likely have to do is either compromise with the Democrats to include a sunset measure, which was done in 2000 to get the Bush tax cuts through or blow up yet another Senate rule.

As Mitch McConnell is loath to curtail the filibuster on legislation because it would force his corrupt porker colleagues to actually take a stand, we will likely get some sort of sunset measure for all of these changes.

Bush Tax Cuts Reconciliation
Signing of H.R. 4297, Tax Relief Extension Reconciliation Act of 2005.

Now what happens when they sunset in ten years?

Well, we have 100% Obamacare again. All of this time and effort and energy is gone to waste.

The only solution to this conundrum is to keep the Republican party perpetually in the majority in the House and the Senate.

Since that pipe dream only happens in people who smoke copious amounts of GOP establishment grown propaganda, this is unacceptable.

Does anyone seriously think that the Republican party can remain in power perpetually in order to renew the “zeroed out” tax cuts every ten years, with this special kind of incompetence that they have shown thus far?

And finally, the subject of much ballyhooed waivers. They are a particularly heinous abdication of duty by the GOP at the federal level and an absolute farce of a prize for the “freedom” caucus to cave into.

The House bill, as passed, grants the ability for the state governments to back out of many of the Obamacare standards and regulations.

It is a very nice deal on its face if you are a cowardly federal legislator who wants to shove this problem of repeal back onto the state governments. It’s a horrible deal if you are the average American who wants to buy lower priced insurance plans.

Why is that you say? Let’s say you live in a liberal state, with a government run by social justice warriors masquerading as public officials, also known as California, Oregon, Washington, New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania, etc. Essentially, it is every single state run by Democrats and a few states run by Republicans like John Kasich and Rick Snyder.

When the social justice warrior/terrorist base of the Democrats is screaming out at every chance that they get that these regulations and mandates are saving the lives of millions of people, are their leaders in the government going to announce that they are going to be killing the one thing standing between the old, the sick, and the indigent and their deaths?

Heck no.

In every single state where you have Democrats running the show, you will have Obamacare.

In most states run by Republicans, you will have their bastardized version of Obamacare.

So even in a universe where this magical reconciliation bill somehow manages not to faceplant on signage in law, how is this fair to all the states that voted for Republicans in the 2016 elections?

Michigan and Pennsylvania are going to get screwed royally. What about all the conservative voters in Democrat controlled states? There are quite a few House districts held by the Republican party in even the most Democrat dominated states.

Under the waiver plan, the national GOP leadership is telling these voters to go suck eggs.

Are voters supposed to just deal with it and move to a different state, hoping that Democrats never get elected there, because their federal legislators decided to keep intact the most disastrous piece of federal legislation passed this century?

Come on, President Trump.

You promised us great deals.

These two reconciliation bills are far from it.

Make McConnell and Ryan do the right thing and straight up repeal this disastrous Obama legacy bill.

After all, we survived for over 200 years without it, America can certainly go back to the system before Obamacare was forced upon the country.

Millions of Americans who were forced off their insurance because of Obamacare would love to be able to afford it again.

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