Phony Sexual Assault Allegations Against Charles Payne Collapsing?

The sexual harassment case against FOX Business host Charles Payne is suddenly looking pretty shaky:

Conservative activist Scottie Nell Hughes dropped a bombshell accusation Friday against Fox Business and one of its star hosts, Charles Payne. She alleged in a statement to The Los Angeles Times that she was “coerced into a sexual relationship with Payne under threat of reprisals.”

Red Alert Politics has exclusively obtained emails exchanged between Hughes and Payne, and verified by two separate sources, that may cast doubt on Hughes’ allegations. In one email to the Fox Business host, Hughes described a sexual fantasy of hers about what they would do together.

In the exchange on September 3, 2013, near the beginning of their relationship, Hughes sent Payne a graphic e-mail in which she discussed a recent sex dream she had involving the two of them in a swimming pool.

According to a statement from Payne, the two had a three-year relationship from 2013 to 2016. Hughes lawyers said to The Los Angeles Times that their client stayed in the relationship because she believed it would ultimately lead to a job at Fox News.

In a conversation with Red Alert Politics, one of Hughes’ former colleagues, who wished to remain anonymous, called her a “female predator.”

The blame for this can be laid squarely at the feet of the Murdochs, who have, probably deliberately, cultivated an environment of “shoot first, ask questions later” when it comes to targeting conservative hosts with phony accusations.


Written by Doomberg

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