Ohio Islamist Planned to Get to Libya via Trinidad

Many of you may know that the Caribbean is a transit point for drug dealers to get into the US. The local economies there have largely been stagnant since the 2008 crisis, as tourism has never recovered. This situation breeds corruption, and gives drug traffickers and criminals opportunities for bribes.

Now, however, it may also be giving extremists a way in and out of the US. An Ohio man recently tried to use Trinidad as a transit point to Libya:

An Ohio man has reportedly pleaded guilty to providing financial support for “outlawed insurgencies” after planning to travel to Libya via Trinidad and Tobago last year.

According to Ohio paper, The Columbus Dispatch, Aaron Daniels, 20, sent USD $250 and $300 to the Islamic State of Iraq, as well as ISIS recruiter and attack planner Abu Isa Al-Amriki last year.

He confessed to donating money to Al-Amriki to an undercover FBI agent and in June 2016, told the same agent he planned to get to Libya via Trinidad and Tobago so “the kuffar (non-believers) don’t track me.”

Daniels purchased a plane ticket to Houston and on to Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago. He was arrested on November 7, 2016 when he arrived at Columbus John Glenn International Airport for his flight.


Written by Doomberg

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