Nikki Haley Threatens China Over North Korea

How did this lady go from a relatively ineffectual governor to one of the best UN reps we’ve ever had?

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” when asked about North Korea recently successfully testing an intercontinental ballistic missile that could potentially reach Alaska, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said if China did not help stop North Korea’s aggressive behavior President Donald Trump has said he would “start looking at trade relations with China.”

Haley said, “I think there are a lot of options on the table when it comes to dealing with China. The ball is in their court. They’re either going to go along with us and the rest of the international community and say, yes, we think that what North Korea did was wrong or they’re not. The president knows what all his options are. All the options are on the table, as always with President Trump. And I think we’ll handle it accordingly. Ammunition comes in multiple forms. And I think we always have to look at what those options are ahead of what the actions are going to be by China.”

She added, “I think there will be a response if they don’t go along with that. The president has made it clear that he will start looking at trade relations with China.”


Written by Doomberg

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