Minneapolis a week later: Fundamental Transformation Achieved

It’s been just over a week now since Minneapolis took the Mayor Betsy Hodges challenge and began to “embrace the discomfort of transformation” as the local fishwrap (StarTribune) referred to her State of the City Speech way back in May:

“To some, who can only see this moment, it may indeed look like complete destruction. In reality, it is transformation.”

Heady times; former Chief of Police Janee Harteau was still riding high (#22) in Fortune Magazine’s annual litany of The World’s Fifty Greatest Leaders instead of preparing to file an unemployment compensation claim.

The Chief trailed John McCain (#9) and John Kasich (#12) but back in those days of yestermonth there was nothing but a Path to Glory in the future for the world’s #1 Out Lesbian Cop.

Somali police officer Mohamed Noor was still just the latest diversity ornamentation in the Multicultural Parade.

And Aussie immigrant and bride-to-be Justine Damond was best know for rescuing baby ducks from storm sewers and enjoyed the added bonus of still being counted among the living.

The incomparable Mark Steyn has finally weighed in with a hefty missive about the price The Piper charges for such Transformative Things in a post titled “Diversity and Disintegration” – an instant classic sure to be counted among the First Last Words on this whole wretched affair:

A law-abiding unarmed woman makes the mistake of calling 911 and, when the responding officers arrive, they shoot her dead. The American media’s reflex instinct is that this is an out-of-control murderous police-brutality story. To be sure, it’s more helpful if the victim is black or Hispanic, but in this case she is female and an immigrant, albeit from Australia. And certainly Down Under the instinct of the press would also be to play this as an example of a country with a crazy gun culture and the bad things that happen when innocent foreigners make the mistake of going there, even to a peaceable, upscale neighborhood. Or in the shorthand of the Sydney Daily Telegraph front page:


In both Oz and the US, the next stage of the story would be cherchez le cop – lots of reports of a redneck officer with a hair-trigger temper and various personal issues.

But there’s a complicating factor. It’s so complicating that The Washington Post finds itself running a 1,200-word story on the death of Justine Damond without a word about the copper who shot her – nothing about his background, record, habits, behavior. Not even his name.

Because his name is Mohamed Noor. As Tucker Carlson pointed out on Fox News the other night, the reason you know the officer’s identity is significant is because the Post went to all that trouble not to mention it.

There will be more electronic ink spilled before this sad tale of transformation is put to rest, but you really do owe it to yourself to read Steyn’s post in it’s entirety.

He ends with this supremely cynical and depressing observation:

“Embrace the discomfort of transformation”: The mysterious-disease story is a migrant story, the police-shooting story is a migrant story, the sex-crimes-epidemic story is a migrant story. But all transformational discomfort is local, and there are far more western leaders like Mayor Hodges

Or, as Uncle Bruno has so eloquently remarked on this and so many past occasions:

Embrace the suck that is Minneapolis.

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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