McCain Gloats, Claims Obamacare Repeal is “Dead”

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Looking at you there, Mr. Hanoi Hilton...

McCain is obviously hoping for a self-fulfilling prophecy here:

A senior U.S. Republican senator predicted on Sunday that the Republican bill to roll back Obamacare would likely fail, adding to growing signs that the bill is in trouble.

“My view is that it’s probably going to be dead,” Senator John McCain, a senior U.S. Republican, said on the CBS program, “Face the Nation.”

The Senate bill, which faces unified Democratic opposition, has been further imperiled during a week-long recess where several Republican senators have had to return to their states and face constituents strongly opposed to the bill. Senators return to Washington on Monday.

The Senate bill keeps much of Obamacare intact but strips away most of its funding. It repeals most Obamacare taxes, overhauls the law’s tax credits and ends its Medicaid expansion. It also goes beyond repealing Obamacare by cutting funding for the Medicaid program beginning in 2025.

I think this health care bill is bad and will hurt both the American people and the Republican Party, and that we need a clean repeal. But damned if part of me doesn’t want to see it passed, just so we can spike the football in front of this miserable #NeverTrump scumbag.


Written by Doomberg

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