Is Killer Cop Mohamed Noor a victim of Islamophobia?

According to an editorial published in the Minneapolis StarTribune killer cop Mohamed Noor is just the latest victim of the rampant Islamophobia running wild in the Twin Cities:

In this case, uncharacteristically, the cop’s ethnicity and religion are being called out— but why? It’s pure racism and Islamophobia.


Reports on the Noor-Damond shooting often quickly identified the officer as Somali-born, Somali-American or Muslim-American. In police shootings of black victims, as community leader Matthew Ramadan articulated to me in an interview, the officers’ ethnicity or religion never have been dwelled upon. We hear that Noor divorced his wife over joining the force and that he has had several complaints lodged against him. “He panicked when he saw the Australian woman wearing pajamas,” goes the narrative.

How could we have such polarized perceptions of reality in this age of information, internet and smartphones? Nothing would explain it other than the deep racism, Islamophobia and xenophobia in which we are living today. As the Star Tribune reported, Minneapolis City Council Member Abdi Warsame is calling for an end to the racism and Islamophobia that have targeted the Somali community since the shooting


The inevitable conclusion:

And this really in a nutshell represents most views within the Somali and Muslim communities — not the reflexive reaction of defending their man. They know immigrants and blacks are the primary victims of police shootings; they joined and supported the Black Lives Matter movement to raise awareness of police brutality against African-Americans.

They understand now that Muslim-Americans are the new blacks.

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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