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Is Jeff Sessions a GOP Establishment Double Agent?

If it walks, quacks & betrays you like a duck …

Actions speak louder than words. One of the time honored traditions of the Ruling Class is having one of your people join the inner circle of each camp in a war. No matter who wins the war, you have an inside person to feed you information, cause internal strife and protect your interests. Your agent will for all outer appearances be a devoted follower who joined the other camp early and worked as hard as anyone for their victory. Given some data points documented below it’s fair to ask: Is Jeff Sessions a GOP Establishment Double Agent?

A double agent must have clear value to those he intends to betray

Sessions effectively joined the Trump campaign in August of 2015. He was a big win for Trump because he was a senior member of the Armed Services Committee and thereby brought high level knowledge of America’s current national security status and positioning. He definitely offset the early criticism the Trump campaign was completely lacking in foreign affairs credibility. Senator Sessions was also, beyond question, a member in good standing of the GOP Establishment since he was in his 18th year as a Senator and had his own well developed set of campaign donors committed to keeping him in the Senate. If Trump’s campaign had failed, Sessions was always going to have his position in the Senate to fall back on.

Sessions had always been a strong but ineffective voice against illegal immigrants. Serving as Attorney General, he has served his own agenda by talking about illegal immigration a great deal but the yeoman’s work has been done by ICE and the DHS. The crackdown on the AlphaBay website, while long overdue, has addressed a particular sore point of the GOP Establishment’s neocons.

The Department of Justice contains the bulk of the Federal law enforcement agencies which have been completely absent for the last six months in identifying and prosecuting the greatest stream of high level national security leaks in our country’s history.

How does Jeff Sessions defend his failure on this crisis?


The easiest way to be above suspicion is to be suspected

Political campaigns are hotbeds of gossip and intrigue under the best of circumstances. Effectively, only the closest and most trusted advisers are in the loop on strategy and resource planning – everybody else is always going to be viewed as being susceptible to blackmail, bribes or ego leading them into telling someone more than they should. If your team comes under serious attack – especially if your enemies are claiming crimes were committed – anyone who isn’t suspected by your opponents is someone YOU should suspect.

Therefore the best way to protect a double agent is to include him among “the usual suspects” so everyone suspected feels he is one of them. Of course, too much heat on a double agent may end up in the agent revealing their role and being flipped into a triple agent.

Jeff Sessions’ nomination hearings were “marred” by the ridiculous accusation “a senior member of the Armed Services Committee met with a Russian ambassador” which is equivalent to “the sun came up in the east”. Sessions made one public statement about it and !Poof! It went away.

In fact, it didn’t get revisited at all until word was leaking Trump was considering firing Sessions and then the reliable liars at the WaPo cited another security leak claiming the Russian Ambassador reported he discussed campaign issues with Sessions in April 2016 … and guess what happened to that story? !Poof! It went away.

Coincidence is horse manure.

The double agent’s commitment to his true cause will be demonstrated immediately upon being elevated in the enemy camp

The reason is perfectly simple – you don’t want your old buddies thinking you may have changed sides because you got promoted. Gregg Jarret of Fox News has been a bulldog on the Russia nonsense and made some excellent points on Wednesday:

By his own admission during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing in June, Sessions began setting his recusal in motion within hours after being sworn-in as attorney general on Feb. 9.  On his first full day as AG, Sessions immediately met with Justice Department officials to discuss stepping aside from the investigation. A month later, on March 2, he made his recusal official.

Clearly, Sessions was considering disqualifying himself well before he took the oath of office. It was not something that simply dawned on him the moment he raised his right hand in the Oval Office ceremony. And there stood the president, expecting his new attorney general to serve the nation fully and honestly. In retrospect, it was a significant and deliberate deception by Sessions.

How convenient … he “met with Justice Department officials to discuss stepping aside from the investigation” – he showed what his priorities were from the beginning.

The double agent must not only mislead the enemy – he must actively sabotage if only by inaction

Trump tagged Jeff Sessions for Attorney General on November 18, 2016 and the Senate approved him on February 1, 2017. Sessions has known he was responsible for nominating well over 200 positions within the Justice Department for over eight months.

How has he performed in accomplishing this basic task so the Obama holdovers in those positions could be shown the door?

This info-graphic created a week ago definitely proves actions speak louder than words:

There are 201 positions for which Sessions hasn’t even nominated anyone.

Let that sink in … and then consider it was the White House which reportedly forced his hand on firing the U.S. Attorneys.

Staffing the U.S. Attorneys is critical when a new administration is replacing a particularly corrupt one. Each new U.S. Attorney should be cleaning out the rotten apples so they can’t continue to contaminate the whole barrel. Here is a particularly rotten apple as a case in point:

Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Brother Steven Wasserman Accused of Burying Seth Rich Case

Wasserman Schultz’s brother, Steven Wasserman, is the Assistant US Attorney at the Attorney’s office for the District of Columbia.  Questions are arising whether Steven has played a part in burying the Seth Rich case in DC.  No one has yet been charged in spite of the many unanswered questions related to the murder case.  Because Rich reportedly provided emails to WikiLeaks there are many who believe Rich was murdered as a result.

It’s one thing to have Obama holdovers still in place under suspect circumstances, but it is an entirely new level of corruption for Sessions to sit back and tolerate those same bad apples continuing to ignore obvious conflict of interest issues which threaten the rule of law:

Twitter / Account Suspended

From breaking news and entertainment to sports and politics, get the full story with all the live commentary.

Let’s be clear – this one issue of failure to properly staff the Department of Justice is sufficient grounds for firing Jeff Sessions. If he was an executive over a similar sized organization in private industry, he would never find another job other than at the counter at McDonalds.

There is, however, another piece of inaction which Jeff Sessions owns. Anyone moving into a position after a “hostile takeover” (the most accurate comparison of Trump replacing Obama) has the Human Resources provide him a list of the ‘problem children’ – those employees who are known trouble makers or who have ongoing investigations into suspect behavior on their part so they can be thrown out the door the very next day. Why in the world would you be trying to clean up a mess and keep the people actively making messes?

What we learned thanks only to Sara Carter is McCabe was allowed to step in as acting FBI Director with three open federal investigations into his actions going on at the same time.

Sessions not only didn’t fire McCabe – he made the POS the acting FBI Director. Just in case you can’t smell the stink – one of those three investigations is a sexual discrimination complaint where the strongest witness for the person who filed the complaint is General Michael Flynn.

Sessions has been a D.C. Power Player for years. What are the chances he didn’t already know all these nasty facts about McCabe?


The double agent will fight to the end to remain an effective tool against the enemy – even after he is discovered

Back to very simple reasoning – a double agent never “survives” in their role if they are effective – the disruption the double agent causes is prima facie evidence of intent.

Here’s an answer you’ve all been looking for:

Why has Trump been publicly humiliating Sessions in his tweets day after day?

Easy, to prove Sessions is a double agent.

Under anything approaching normal circumstances, somebody’s boss publicly doubting them, much less humiliating them, will cause anyone to submit their resignation.

Jeff Sessions not only says he isn’t resigning. He’s all but daring Trump to fire him.


Easy, Jeff Sessions knows he can count on his GOPe buddies in the Senate to tell Trump,

“If you fire Sessions, we won’t approve his replacement and we won’t recess long enough for you to do a legal recess appointment.”

ChuckGrassley on Twitter

Everybody in D.C. Shld b warned that the agenda for the judiciary Comm is set for rest of 2017. Judges first subcabinet 2nd / AG no way


Like all GOPe “power moves” this one most likely has a fatal flaw. Back to the Gregg Jarret article we go:

However, all this could change if Sessions were to leave the Justice Department. President Trump could then name a new acting attorney general who would not only replace Sessions, but assume oversight over Mueller’s investigation, pushing aside Rosenstein.

Who might the president choose? Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe predicts that Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand would get the job, although her name has been bandied about in the media for more than a month. Already confirmed by the Senate as third in command, the respected lawyer could take over the helm at Justice and properly confine Mueller’s probe to its expressed directive: “any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump”.  If he strays, she could rein him in.

Under the special counsel law, Mueller would be required to consult directly with Brand and explain the course of his investigation. If any of his actions are determined by Brand to be “so inappropriate or unwarranted that it should not be pursued,” she could stop him.  If he persists, she would then be authorized to discipline or remove Mueller for “misconduct, dereliction of duty, incapacity, conflict of interest, or for other good cause, including violation of Departmental policies” (28 CFR 600.7-d).

Or, Brand could simply decide that Mueller’s existing conflict of interest, as noted above, is now so pronounced that it compromises the integrity of the overall investigation. For this reason alone, she could dismiss the special counsel and select someone else who is fair, impartial and devoid of the kind of bias that has rendered Mueller and his investigation inherently suspect.

Trump needs to fire Sessions, and if Rachel Brand is as outraged as she should be at the lack of ethics in the Department of Justice, she can fire Mueller et al as her first action after Trump appoints her as Acting Attorney General.

At her Attorney General nomination hearing, she would be testifying on an action she has already taken rather than having to speak about an action they don’t want her to take. She can cite ALL the conflicts of interest, etc that apply to Mueller as to why she chose to act. And then the GOPe Senators can answer to the people on why they won’t confirm a woman who stood up to the Swamp.

Checkmate, you GOPe cucks.


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