Is this the “Headline of the Year”?

Andrew Breitbart’s smart and snarky sensibility lives on with this headline:

Linda Sarsour’s ‘Jihad and Allah’ Speech Blows Up Her Political Support

From the story:

Many left-wing progressive and Islamic political groups have quietly walked away from Islamic activist Linda Sarsour since her incendiary July 1 appeal for Muslims in America to declare jihad on elected President Donald Trump.

She is getting sharp-eyed criticism from experts on Islam for her call to jihad against Trump — and for her calls for Islamic self-segregation and loyalty to Allah only. But she is getting only tepid and perfunctory public support from her usual alliance of Islamic and progressive allies.

Reliably leftist supporters are fleeing as the comments section of the WaPo reflects:

The Washington Post has not posted any reported article defending her call for jihad but did print her evasive op-ed. Yet the most-liked comment response to her op-ed in the progressive paper declared:

As an atheist, I feel confident that i am able to voice my opinion to my peers without fear of reprisal. The same can not be said if i were in a Islam majority country. The current brand of Islam is the opposite of liberalism. I don’t want anyone calling for “Jihad” or holy war on anyone. Regardless of how a person meant it. Hundreds of millions have died and science has been stomped out in the name of Jihad.

The second-most approved comment said:

WAPO would not and should not accept editorials from David Duke. So why provide a legitimizing platform for Sarsour, who is equally hateful?

Trump’s primary function to date is that of being The Great Clarifier.

Not a bad start…



Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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