The Hillary Emails, Part 4: Lindsey Graham (R-SC) betrays his own party

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Not surprised, but still, it’s totally different when you hear it from the bad guys.

From: Sullivan, Jacob 1 <[email protected]> Sent: Wednesday, January 26, 2011 6:17 PM To: Cc: Abedin, Huma Subject: FW: Senator Graham

FYI — following up on Rich’s conversation this morning.

Original Message From: Posner, Michael H Sent: Wednesday, January 26, 2011 7:00 AM To: Sullivan, Jacob .1 Subject: Senator Graham

Sen. Graham and I were on the same flights back from Kabul last night. We had a good chance to share our observations about Afghanistan and Pakistan. More importantly he mentioned that he is seriously considering serving on the Senate Appropriations Committee and as the ranking minority member on the foreign operations subcommittee. He expressed strong support for Secretary Clinton and said the main reason he wants to serve on Foreign Ops is to protect our budget requests against those who will advocate for severe cuts. I thanked him for his commitment and encouraged him to pursue this committee assignment. He said this won’t help him politically in South Carolina but these are the issues that matter most to him.

He said that he plans to call the Secretary soon to brief her on his Af-Pak trip and to offer suggestions on our policies and funding programs there.
I think the Secretary should call him, today if possible, to encourage him to take the Foreign Ops assignment and to help us protect our budget needs.


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UPDATE: THE NARRATIVE is now “gun control” — Somali Cop shooting in Minneapolis Follow Up