The Hillary Emails, Part 2: The Collusion of the Press

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Why wasn't she 50 points ahead? YOU, Rex Tillerson. It was because of YOU!

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Thanks–wish I could add a big smiley face too!

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• Spoke to the AP reporter, explained that it was neither an attack nor covert

• Realizing how wrong they got it, reporter freaked

• Spoke to Alberto Fernandez and Danny, got the details

• Poor Danny is in Tunis, Sam his time • Got the reporter on with Alberto & Danny, walked her through it

• Reporter revising the story to reflect reality; I’ll send when updated • This fire drill will get this initiative some good press, so another case of all’s well that ends well

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Short answer is no.

I’ll let Jake address In full, but as I understand it we bought web ads that were a play on antI-US ads. It wasn’t a “cyberattade and it wasn’t “covert”

I’m reaching out to AP to tone it down.


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