The Headline Section is Coming Back, Better than Ever!

We are relaunching the headline section starting today. This time though, it is launching with a twist. In addition to our own posts, we are giving everyone here who uses the site an opportunity to input headlines to the area as well.

This is being done because we have a lot of knowledgeable commenters here at the site, and readers as well! If you feel that a story needs coverage and we haven’t written about it (and we don’t have a story coming out on it), this allows you to submit the story as a headline here.

The community headlines section will be placed in an easily accessible location, either at the top of the page or shortly after the articles start. For right now, after the latest few articles is where the headline section is going to be placed.

The headlines section is also a completely independent section of the site from our regular posts, think of it like a community Drudge Report, with a comment form attached. You won’t be able to navigate through the posts like you can with our regular posts, it is a completely separate pathway loop. Hitting the next post on the headlines is going to take you to another headline and *only* another headline.

The headlines section is also going to be geared to be a straight news reporting section. The only editorializing that will be allowed will be with the headline title itself.

At the bottom of a headline, you’ll find the named source of the website/person the headline is from. If you click on the name, it will bring you to the original source.

The comment section will be found shortly afterwards.

If you are interested, the submission form is fairly straightforward:

  • Title
  • Quoted Content (you must blockquote the article, we don’t want plagiarism concerns), Tweet, Video
  • Source Name: Title of the Website (The Hill, YouTube, Twitter, Daily Caller, etc.)
  • Source URL: The link to the rest of the content (just copy the YouTube, Twitter embeds here twice if that is all there is)

We don’t want this to be an exclusive twitter spam area either, as we prefer stories with something to them (the character limit of Twitter makes it hard to say anything other than quick notes and links. But if that is all there is, that is all there is.

Also, there will be a change to the comment section soon. It is going to be getting its own page in the articles soon. This will speed up the loading of both the articles and the comment sections. This also allows us to do some custom comment section changes (widen the comment section a bit, put back in the latest twitter feed and make that area larger, etc.)

Any questions, comments, etc. let me know in the comment section below.

If you have a question in this thread and don’t know if I’m around, there is a feature in Disqus that allows you to mention my name and it will show up in my notifications box, just type:


Then add your question. 🙂


Written by NWC

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