Good News – Trump’s Immigration Crackdown is Scaring Some Illegals Home

This is one of the few benefits of the left’s insane scaremongering in regards to Trump’s immigration stance. Because Trump has been so demonized, many illegal immigrants who are afraid they will face jail are leaving the US and heading back to Mexico:

President Donald Trump’s crackdown on undocumented immigrants by federal agents is scaring some of those families back to Mexico, according to knowledgable sources in the Pueblo community.

According to news reports, federal Immigration and Custom Enforcement agents were told in a February memorandum to detain any undocumented person they encountered — not just those with a criminal history or those in jails, the previous policy.

That ramped-up enforcement has reportedly led to 14 people in the Pueblo area being arrested by ICE agents this year.

The many anecdotal stories of apparent movement south, back across the border is undoubtedly the biggest benefit of Trump as president. More people going south means less welfare and fewer illegal votes.


Written by Doomberg

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