G20 Protests in Europe Raging in Hamburg Overnight

Well there are over 300 people who’ve been injured in these protests, many of them German police, but it still looks like German police can’t seem to be able to restore order.

Maybe they can send out the Sharia squads for a bit… now that they are legal in Germany.

Embedded in the post is a livestream of the protests going on inside Germany at this moment.

The failing New York Times has a summary:

More than 10,000 protesters took to the streets of Hamburg again on Friday to vent their anger at the Group of 20 summit meeting and the global political and economic system.

And once again, they were met with a huge police presence — hundreds of additional officers were called in after clashes left at least 196 officers and dozens of protesters injured.

It started early in the day: There were sit-down protests under a rainbow display of umbrellas. Students marched, calling for social justice. And some people took to a fleet of rubber boats, demanding solidarity with refugees. Protesters were soon engaged in a cat-and-mouse game with the police, who lined city streets to block off the areas where gatherings were taking place.

About 350 people tried to break through one police line, but they were pushed back with pepper spray and billy clubs, the Hamburg police said. Another group threw improvised firebombs and stones at a police van, they said.

As the afternoon wore on, demonstrators clad in black clashed repeatedly with the police, who used water cannons to disperse crowds outside of the Elbe Philharmonic Hall where leaders were gathered for a concert and dinner, and later in the St. Pauli district. Helicopters circled and curious onlookers milled about on bicycles and on foot in streets that were closed to traffic.

By early evening, 70 people had been detained and 15 had been formally arrested, the police reported.

Protest groups had vowed to disrupt the summit. While the official program proceeded as planned, protests forced some peripheral events to be canceled.

First lady Melania Trump, as we reported on this morning, was locked inside her place of residence because the protests were becoming too dangerous.

First lady Melania Trump scrapped a planned boat ride on the Elbe River after police refused to allow her to leave the guesthouse where she and President Trump are staying, citing concerns for her safety. A planned tour of a climate research facility was canceled because the experts who were to give the tour were unable to get there.

“She was very much looking forward to the day,” Stephanie Grisham, a spokeswoman for Ms. Trump said.

In the weeks before the summit meeting, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany made a point of saying that criticism of the summit was a legitimate expression of democracy, and her government said it wanted to show that a thriving democracy could withstand protests.

Merkel also wants a thriving islamic republic too.

But a thriving democracy doesn’t including mass looting, vandalism, mob violence, and socialists screaming to topple the governments worldwide… or else.



In other news, the media is having a rough week:

ForAmerica on Twitter

Tough week for fake news. CNN leaving for the weekend.

We had to get in on the action a little bit too, Fossten and I had a lot of fun making this today, our entry for the CNNMemeWars:

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Sparta Report’s submission for the Infowars “Great CNN Meme War” Contest. Trump is at bat, CNN attempts to beat him and fails.


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