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Is Donald Trump A Traitor Or Just Treasonous?

Donald Trump met with Vladimir Putin at the G20 Summit on Thursday.  The two world leaders discussed a variety of topics from the situation in Syria to Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election.

Wait…Donald Trump met with Vladimir Putin?

As in, Russian president Vladimir Putin?  The man who personally ordered the hacking of our 2016 elections?  Vladimir Putin, the man who imprisons journalists, locks up gays, and is an all-around icky fellow?  THAT Vladimir Putin?


I can’t believe that Trump would do something like this.  That G20 meeting was a complete insult to everything Americans hold dear.  You know who would NEVER meet with Putin?  President Hillary Clinton.  She would have told him to pound sand!

Donald Trump is a damn, dirty traitor!  Or maybe he’s just treasonous.  I don’t know.

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