That didn’t take long: George Clooney and wife flee refugee invasion in Europe

You all remember Paul Joseph Watson’s Flawless Victory Video just over a year ago, talking about George Clooney’s hypocrisy regarding the refugees streaming into Europe, right? Just as a refresher, here it is:

F**k George Clooney

George Clooney is a total prick and a massive hypocrite. F**k George Clooney. Facebook @ FOLLOW Paul Joseph Watson @

Well, it looks like PJW was right again as usual.  George and wife Amal first fled Italy, and now England to hide in the United States from those ‘poor widows and orphans’ Obama was talking about:

The Clooneys got their first true taste of Islam last year after coming home to find their swanky Lake Como Italian vacation spot completely overrun by thousands of Muslim refugees. Images of their once opulent village shocked the world, as the beautiful countryside within weeks had been transformed into what looked like a third world country, with trash and human waste strewn all around.

Since their vacation home was overrun, the Clooneys have been living in the English countryside, where the safety of Amal was their first concern after learning that she was pregnant with twins. But the peace and solace the Clooneys sought away from Muslim migrants has been destroyed in recent months, as now England has been transformed into a sharia swamp, with authorities now believing there’s 23,000 known jihadi terrorists residing in Britain. Now in a move steeped in completely hypocrisy, the terrified refugee-loving couple have just fled to the Untied States, due to threat of “security concerns” at their England estate.

I guess the Islamic track record of child rape even gave Amal some pause.


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