Charlie Gard Reveals The Horror Of Socialized Medicine

charlie gard

Born with a terminal illness, little Charlie Gard has been condemned to die by the British and EU courts. Judges from London to Brussels have ruled that Charlie’s condition is untreatable. Charlie has no hope of a future. He has no hope of any kind of meaningful life. The best thing for little Charlie is that he be allowed to die with “dignity.” Of course “dying with dignity” means wasting away in a hospital away from his home and his family.

Years ago Sarah Palin warned of government “death panels” that would decide whether or not Americans lived or died under socialized medicine. She was mocked and scorned by the liberal media. The case of little Charlie Gard has proven Sarah right. A literal death panel has ruled that Charlie will die. This is the danger, the horror of socialized medicine.

Luckily there is hope for Charlie.  His parents recently delivered a petition to London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital.  Over 350,000 people signed the petition that pleads with officials to spare Charlie’s life.  Charlie’s parents have been given another chance to plead their case as they await a second court hearing.

New York’s Presbyterian Hospital has agreed to admit and treat Charlie Gard provided the legal hurdles preventing his travel can be overcome.  Two congressmen will also be proposing a bill that will grant Charlie and his family permanent resident status so that they may easily travel to the US for treatment.

The world is pulling together to help the little boy condemned to death by an uncaring government machine.  Here’s hoping it all works out for Charlie and his family.

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