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BREAKING: Sean Spicer Resigns After Anthony Scaramucci is Offered Communications Director

Sounds like someone is angry that he didn’t get to keep his new job.

Sean Spicer resigned shortly after Anthony Scaramucci, a very long time friend of the Trump family and extremely effective Trump defender, got the job of communications director.

President Trump had requested that Sean Spicer stay on and continue working for him, but Spicer declined the offer. He stated that Mr. Scaramucci’s appointment was a “major mistake” and resigned shortly thereafter.

Sean Spicer has filled the role of communications director since May, when the acting communications director resigned for personal reasons. He is staying on as communications director through August:

Anthony Scaramucci was at the center of the fake news, defamatory article that CNN published as fact. The article was so widely discredited that CNN pulled it and issued this apology and correction.

They realized that Antony Scaramucci had access to the resources he needed to take them out.

Here is Scaramucci debating CNN’s Chris Cuomo days before CNN decided to smear him:

Source Washington Times

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