Book of Trump, Chapter 25

1.And there was peace  in the Land of Trump, and it pleaseth him to no end. Republicans passeth legislation with ease  and backeth his agenda without issue. Yea, even the Cucks jumpeth on the Train.

2.And the media darest not attack Trump because the people supported him. Yea Verily, they reporteth in honesty , and useth actual people  instead of “sources”  to make sure the truth  was for all to see.  The Punditry held their tongue out of respect for Trump, and verbally supporteth his wants for the country.

3.And then The Gloater waketh up and beheld the turmoil in the Land increaseth  dreadfully with no signs of receeding. Yea, the hatred shooteth up a congressman, and the cries of impeachment remaineth in the air.

4.Comey had testified, and it cleareth Trump, yet the jackassery continueth because the hateful  harlots admitteth not their wrongness.  They went after Sessions, who rebuketh them too, giving the enemies of Trump nothing. Yea, they mocketh Sessions and slandered his name, but got nothing. The Russian gambit was cut to the bone.

5.The Senate taketh up the debacle to repeal, as they have crieth out for 7 years to repeal. Yea, they bring about a bill that some care not for, and great was the anguish over it. Friend argueth against friend, and there was much contention in the Land of Sparta. For behold, Kool-Aid was drunk, pearls were clutched, sacred cows were slain, and cat memes withered. The name of a saddened donkey was thrust about.

6.And the Senate could not muster the fortitude of testicles to bring the bill to a vote, for several refuseth to agree.  So they punteth once again instead of letting the people see how they would vote. Verily, they denieth the people truth of their vote, and Brave Sir Robin runneth away.

7.But not all was troubling news.  The blonde that bleedeth from wherever struggleth to gain viewers, and falleth to reruns of base television. She  was caught in a lie with Infowars, and her perfidy was shewed to all. The Trollop of the Television was smitten.

8.And the Gloater laugheth his Ossoff, when the Dems fell in the Land of the Peach. For they predicteth that Trump would suffer and lose the seat and sunk their filthy lucre to win.  But they were sorely vexed when their money didn’t buy merriment, and great was their anguish. They waileth with tears as they lost again, never winning a seat in the Year. Their lies continue to haunt them, and Trumpeth busteth it off in their asses.

9.And the House passeth two bills against the illegal, to right the wrong  suffered by Kate and others, for the democrat and media loveth the illegal more than their own fellow citizens. Buy yea, a Cuck voteth with them.

10.And the Court of Supremes blasteth lower judges by ruling unanimously that almost all of the immigration ban from the countries of terrorists is righteous, and will hold a hearing  at a later day. And there was much gloating in the Land once again, while the tears of the liberal floweth freely and tasteth deliciously.

11.And the purveyors of Fake News, the Father of Media Lies, was caught several times while spewing known lies. Yea, so horrible were the words  that they were recanted and three falleth to the wayside, for they were about to be sued.

12.And ABC was felled for their fake news. They payeth out billions for their hatred  and treachery on a business making its way. And lo!  A Cuda sueth the Old Grey Lady for their lies  against her.

13.And yet it was not done!  For the Father of Media Lies were caught in a snare, which revealeth their true feelings on nothingburgers. Two were caught who admitteth that Russia was nothing, yet they speweth their lies for ratings, not truth. Yea, they were rebuked by Veritas and my servant James O’Keefe, and their fall continueth to this day.

14. And Trump announceth that he will take a clean Bill of Repeal  of the Obamacare  if the Senate cannot work a bill, and great was the joy in Sparta, while the liberal gnasheth teeth .

15. And Trump, the Master of the Tweet, tweeteth forth  a cutting jab at two spewers of filth and lies. The two had mocked Trump relentlessly, and yea, Trump had enough. He sendeth forth his lighting and the Earth trembled when it struck.

16. But Behold! Trump issues forth a video , and the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse saddled up!  For he  body-slammeth Fake News, and great was the howl throughout the Land of the Liberal, but in the sane parts , people laughed and rejoiced, marveling how doeth it.

17. Yea, Trump, thou art a pilgrim in a strange land, unaccustomed to the traditions of the political fathers. Verily , Verily, I say unto thee: I am with thee, Trump, and standeth beside thee in all things. Thy humor thunders upon the wicked. Thou dost not shy from the fight, but meeteth it straight on.

18. Press onward, Trump. Curbstomp thy foe into dust.



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