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Undeniable Proof of Dead Polar Bears Sunday Morning Open Thread: Best of May 29 – June 2

Cousin Brunoetta is sitting in for Uncle Bruno this morning .  Here is her post:

Good Morning all you Deplorable Spartacle Climate Change Deniers.

What can I say? Now that Your Orange Hitler has ripped up the Paris thingy it didn’t take long at all for The Planet To Heat Up.

Doubt me?

Last week it was barley 60 degrees here in Blue Resistance City (yay!) but yesterday it was almost 90!  Didn’t take long for The Doofus in Chief to fry Mother Earth now did it?

And have you noticed it seems The Sun is burning Our Precious Mother a bit longer every day lately?  More proof of Climate Change for you to deny.

At least The Smart People in California are going to get rid of Daylight Saving Time.  That way the sun won’t be out as long to fry the world.

And don’t get me started on The Penis Connection to all this Climate Craziness! (ugh!)

Anyway, The Despicable Uncle is wind surfing over at the politically correct Lake Bde Maka Ska, formerly the racist Lake Calhoun, this morning.

I think he just goes there to leer at the “Hot Chicks” as he calls them so I got stuck with picking three from this weeks collection of Sparta Report drivel.

Here you go:


Who We Remember: Memorial Day 2017 by TNarch

EviLosers by Mark Rosneck

The Book of Trump: Chapter 22 and Chapter 23 by Deplorable Gloater



Now I am done and I can still make it to the first meeting of “Pussyhats for Polar Bears”…

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