Trigger Warning Radio: The Left Shows Why They Love Mass Shootings

trigger warning orlando shooting

The City of Orlando, Florida, was rocked by a horrific mass shooting yesterday.  John Robert Neumann, Jr. grabbed a gun, walked into Fiamma, Inc.’s manufacturing facility, and opened fire.  When all was said and done five innocent people were killed, and Neumann had turned his gun on himself.  All in all an extremely tragic event, and one that rattled residents in the City Beautiful.  Especially coming so close to the one year anniversary of the Pulse nightclub terror attack.

Naturally the Left used this terrible tragedy as an opportunity to show everyone how mature they were by not rushing to politicize the Orlando shooting in a bid to push their gun control agenda upon unwilling Americans.

Just kidding!  They totally politicized the hell out of the shooting.  I talk about this in episode 2 of Trigger Warning Radio:
Listen to “Episode 2: The Left Shows Why They Love Mass Shootings” on Spreaker.

Here’s the selection of tweets from today’s Trigger Warning episode.

We know, honey, we know.

I actually agree with this one. We can’t expect the Left to not politicize mass shootings, though. They love them. The more violent and bloody the better. Remember Leftists were tweeting about gun control during the Pulse nightclub shooting WHILE THE GUNMAN WAS BEING SHOT BY POLICE.

What’s that old saying? The only sure things in life are death, taxes, and the propensity of liberals to never let a tragedy go to waste.



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