The Tories Election Gamble Fails Miserably, the UK has a Hung Parliament

Theresa May

Whelp, great job there Theresa you imbecile. Who’s laughing now? You looked on Donald Trump with disdain as your own government failed to protect its people again and again, worrying about hate speech against islam more than dead Britons. Good job.

You tried destroying the internet to “stop terrorism” instead of fighting islam, which is actually responsible for the terrorist attacks in the UK. Great job.

You tried raising taxes right before the election. Super awesome job.

You made this election about obtaining a strong government and being able to lead on Brexit (after opposing it and then being unable to silence the insider opposition for months). Just great, amazing work there Theresa.

The European Council President is Gloating at the UK’s Expense:

The good news is that her bumbling idiocy only managed to lose around 12 seats in parliament, she should get enough seats by combining with the Democrat Unionists in Northern Ireland to form a government. She needs 326 seats total and has around 319 seats now with just the Tories. It is officially a “hung parliament” until she can hammer out an agreement with them.

That is of course, IF she remains on as the prime minister. She is certainly making the moves as if she expects to remain the party leader.

Also, there may be enough people on team Brexit who want to keep her on just for her recent positions taken on the Brexit negotiations:

The Democrat Unionists in Northern Ireland (they control ten seats) have a simple request before they will agree to any Tory government coalition, no special EU status for their region. They want out of the EU just as much as the rest of the UK and do not want to be used as a bargaining chip with the EU negotiators:

The Democratic Unionists will only support a Conservative government if Northern Ireland is not granted any unique special status that would keep the region half-way inside the EU, the party’s leader at Westminster has confirmed.

Nigel Dodds, who was re-elected in his North Belfast seat, said the DUP would insist that there would be no post-Brexit deal that could de-couple Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK.

It will be one of the DUP’s key preconditions in negotiations with the Tories to help them form a new administration.

With one eye on the Brexit negotiations that begin within the next ten to eleven days, Dodds said: “There are special circumstances in Northern Ireland and we will try to make sure these are recognised.

As regards demands for special status within the European Union, no. Because that would create tariffs and barriers between Northern Ireland and our single biggest market which is the rest of the United Kingdom.

“While we will focus on the special circumstances, geography and certain industries of Northern Ireland we will be pressing that home very strongly. Special status however within the European Union is a nonsense. Dublin doesn’t support it.

“Brussels doesn’t support it. The member states of the EU would never dream of it because it would open the door to a Pandora’s box of independence movements of all sorts. The only people who mentioned this are Sinn Fein.”


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